Power wheels rubber tires. Step 1: Gather Parts and Materials

Hey guys, back with another Instructable on our 24 volt Grave Digger power wheels build. My son's ride started life as a regular 24vGD and has already had quite a few mods performed on it. We'll also be adding a rack and pinion steering box, LED headlights , a handbrake and relocating the batteries to lower the center of gravity. For those who haven't been following along on this build, here are links to all the previous mods that got us to this point. This has been one seriously fun rabbit hole of a build for my son and I.

Exertional presyncope and pregnancy. Introduction

Syncope is a common and important medical problem resulting from a transient reduction in cerebral blood flow to the parts of the brain that control consciousness. Individual episodes of syncope may lead to death or serious injury, and recurrent episodes of syncope or presyncope can be disabling. Syncope and recurrent presyncope are common, and poorly understood, problems in pregnancy. Very little systematic research had been done to evaluate these symptoms among pregnant women. A postpartum survey identified a prevalence of syncope in pregnancy of 4.

Economy in latin america lanic. Navigation menu

These materials include books, articles, videos and web sites. A few items are annotated. Hosted at Stanford, this site is a joint project of environmental historians from Brazil and at Stanford. Latin Focus Provides detailed economic and financial information for the major countries of Latin America. Includes economic indicators, briefings and forecasts as well as current economic news and a useful subject specific web directory.

Teen substance abuse in schools. Why Do Teens Use Drugs?

High levels of adolescent substance use are linked to lower academic achievement, reduced schooling, and delinquency. We assess four types of out-of-school-time OST contexts—unsupervised time with peers, sports, organized activities, and paid employment—in relation to tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use at the end of high school. Other research has examined these OST contexts in isolation, limiting efforts to disentangle potentially confounded relations. Unsupervised time with peers increased the odds of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use whereas sports increased the odds of alcohol use and decreased the odds of marijuana use. Paid employment increased the odds of tobacco and alcohol use.