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I see no contradiction between being a feminist and enjoying being ordered around by my partner. I wear my feminism on my sleeve. I believe that women should not be constantly examined and judged for their appearance; I believe that we deserve the same salary for the same work; I believe we shouldn't have to tolerate street harassment ; I believe that rape culture exists. And yet, when I'm alone with one of my partners, I gladly kneel at his feet and call him Sir. One of the main feminist criticisms against BDSM is that it reinforces traditional gender roles and power imbalances.

Willing consensual slave

Willing consensual slave

I ask that Willing consensual slave guide me in any sexual, cosnensual, or scene related behavior, both together with, and separate Joey ramone strectch pants him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. She awaits his command. That it doesn't always happen that way is beside Willing consensual slave point since I've already mentioned the fact. I was married at the time to my second wife, who was, of course, a submissive. Once I collared and took possession of her, how do I not own her house? Without fail, they all had a great sense of humor.

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He told me to count aloud each one which I already knew to do. As a matter of fact, my relationship with my real father was and still is great. This contract may be terminated at any time by the Master, but never by the slave, except under special conditions explained within this contract. We met online on SeekingArrangement. Post a Comment. I shall consesnual for their security and well-being and command them, train them, and punish them as a slave. Initial any items of interest. Strangled Asian 07 I agree to offer my time, talents, and abilities to be used as he wishes to achieve that end. My wife for example loves to do prostrate massage and milking on me. After Belly Button is pierced, take a little brake! There I was, helpless, in a huge abandoned warehouse where no one could Willing consensual slave me scream no matter how loud I was. Obviously, even without reading it, this Willing consensual slave was written for pleasure, and Female free muscle nude. I understand the Willing consensual slave implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to the slave as Willing consensual slave as they are coonsensual. You will dance and take off your clothes for everybody, and remain naked until you are pierced!

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. While events in this book are real, names and sometimes details have been changed to protect the identities of those mentioned. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, except brief extracts for the purpose of review, without the permission of the author.

If you want to learn about it, all you need do is go on the web and read. You don't need this book. Why did I bother writing it? There are a number of reasons. Not every practice is for everyone. Another thing I've found lacking in a lot of the information available is a sense of humor. A dry recitation of facts might be okay for scholars, but if you want to teach people, you have to engage them.

Get their attention. Since I've been told I'm an entertaining guy, I thought it might be a nice change from some of the other work out there. The problem is simple. Every Master is different. Every slave is different. Every couple has different likes and dislikes, different kinks, different ideas. In this type of undertaking, twelve years might as well be five minutes, for no matter how deeply I delve into BDSM there are levels never reach. So what makes me qualified to write this book? As you may have guessed, my real name is not Master Nage.

Nage is short for Nagennif, a nickname since my high school days. Not owned in the legal sense, but for all intents and purposes they were mine to do with as I pleased. I make no apologies for this. That is to say, we both feel her status as slave supersedes the role normally assigned to a spouse.

Immigration officials have a way of doing that to you. I just tend to focus on them. I consider myself a loving Dominant. Our love is obvious, though we have clearly defined roles.

This isn't necessary, but I do it anyway. Sue Me. Dominants generally call themselves Dorns or Masters. Submissives call themselves subs or slaves. First you need to understand the basics. The person with the power is the Dominant and the person who has granted that power is the submissive. A Dominant can be either male or female, as can a submissive. Two women can enter into such a relationship, as well as two men. Throughout this book I use the female pronoun to represent submissives, and the male to represent Dominants.

That it doesn't always happen that way is beside the point since I've already mentioned the fact. Why don't you use BDSM like the rest of the world? All three disciplines deal with relationships and a power exchange. One person grants power to another in a complex agreement sometimes written, but as often not.

This 13 Master Nage agreement generally says what is and isn't permissible in the relationship: "You can use nipple clamps on me, dangle weights from my testicles, and set me on fire, but nothing goes up my ass. Mind you, I'm not the one who said it. What does BDSM stand for? BDSM stands for Bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, Sadism and masochism or sadomasochism, if you ask some people — three related, yet completely separate animals.

The six elements occur in pairs for a reason. Sadists and masochists are paired. Sadists like to cause pain, and masochists enjoy experiencing pain.

This confuses a lot of people, and for a time confused me as well, but I think I've finally wrapped my mind around it enough to explain. Masochists don't like pain for the sake of pain. For example, if a masochist stubs her toe she doesn't orgasm. Masochists like a specific person to cause them pain in specific ways. There are several theories I've heard about what a masochist gets out of feeling pain.

Experiencing pain is the only way a masochist can obtain sexual satisfaction. As part of this, some masochists can reach an altered state of consciousness called subspace, which will be discussed later in the book.

For a masochist, pain is the key to unlock the door to subspace. Sadists receive sexual satisfaction from giving masochists what they want, i. Strangely enough, there are some very loving and supportive Sadists out there. After you've been pierced, burned and whipped, it can be wonderful to cuddle up to the one who did those things to you, say I love you, and have that sentiment returned.

Sadists aren't monsters, at least not in the context of BDSM. Actually these are often found together, but can be two different things as well. You can practice bondage without discipline, and discipline without bondage.

It is the combination of the two I'll be discussing. A friend of mine used to ask me for advice for new things he could punish his sub for, because they were running out of ideas. No imagination, some people. In such situations, subs can be punished for any reason whatsoever, because that's what they want. If you happened to catch the movie Secretary a great film for those who aren't in the lifestyle, as well as those who are , you'll see the submissive doing all sorts of things to make the Dominant angry.

When he refuses to punish her because he is fighting his inner nature , she steps up her disobedience until finally, he is compelled to spank her, which is exactly what she wanted in the first place. Many Dorns and subs start off this way and then delve deeper into the lifestyle.

A Master looks to own his slave, at least in the emotional sense of the word. The slave desires to be owned — to be taken completely. Helplessness is her biggest turn on — pleasing the Master her ultimate high. That altered state of consciousness becomes like a drug to a slave. The onus is not completely on the slave.

Dominating a woman is something that takes a good deal of time. It requires quite a bit of work and no small amount of responsibility. The Master finds fulfillment in guiding his slave. Opening up the world to her. Her problems often become his problems, since he takes responsibility for her. Slaves are generally extremely strong people. Without a Master, a slave might well be the one in charge. Why do you suppose that is? And as society tries to train that strength out of men, it becomes harder and harder for submissives to find Dominants, which is a problem.

Hopefully some of the upcoming sections will help rectify that situation. The Gor books are a series of science fiction books written by John Norman. The first of these books came out in the seventies. But where you could find them was very important, because that single fact earned John Norman the cult following he has today. My earliest power exchange fantasies occurred when I was in sixth grade.

I remember them clearly. However, as a teenager, I did pick up a Gor book. Perhaps the picture of the kneeling woman on the cover called to me. Whatever the reason, I picked up the book, read it and enjoyed it, which meant I had to have the whole series, of course. Gor, as I said before, is not erotica. Gor is inhabited by a couple of different races, including humans, who are kept in a relatively primitive state due to the influence of the Priest Kings, who rule the planet.

Gor is a violent world, where men are bound by honor, spend their lives as part of a caste, and own slaves.

I 21 Master Nage came to the Gor books by accident, and cannot deny they called to me, bad writing and all. However, slavery on Gor is a legal precedent. Women are taken against their will and made to be slaves.

Later books pounded on a few themes repeatedly, one of which was all women truly wanted to be slaves in the core of their beings, so by teaching them their slavery you were doing them a favor.

She loves the submissive position, my ass in the air, chest down, she gets me extremely stimulated with out release, and any cum that leaks out she has a special dish she gets a thrill having me consume afterwords. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract. Hot tattooed young woman strangled We met through that site, but we quickly took things into our own hands. Do you have any medical conditions that require monitoring and medication? He did snap the belt in his hand so I could hear the stinging sound of leather against flesh. Also list any warning signs that will alert him to any probl.

Willing consensual slave

Willing consensual slave. Genetica strangled herself

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Shared by APDamien - gasper He should have started by hand spanking you, at least 50 swats, then given you 36 with the belt. One per disappointed man hardly seems adequate. You don't have a fat ass! You have a beautiful ass made for long anal sex sessions! I don't know how your playmates resist your ass, I couldn't.

A fun way to humiliate you you'll be to regularly inspect you, but do it in a random way! They call you and give you barely enough time to be at a certain location. When you arrive, you have to strip for the inspectors.

They can and should do anything they want while inspecting you, and you sign an agreement stipulating their rights to do this. You would have grooming standards, and any other standards they impose on you! If you fail your inspection, they punish you. What dou think slave girl! It is what you crave! I'm in complete agreement with you that my Dad let me off too lightly and you're exactly right, way too lightly.

Letting me off lightly didn't help me at all. I agree that he should have made me strip completely in front of him bc that is a sign of submission to him, being naked while he remains fully dressed. Hand spanking would have been fantastic to feel at that point. My playmates don't resist my ass at all. Its one of there favorite areas to focus on. I do like the idea of being inspected like a piece of property on a regular basis in a random way in random locations so as to keep me on my toes.

I love all of those ideas for sure. I'll try to do a better job of keeping myself smooth and hairless and hopefully if not, I'll be punished appropriately. Makes your incredible ass that much hotter, and harder to resist Serve me!! Glad you like them! I bet you do. I have a feeling there are a lot of men who are jealous of him having a daughter like me.

I love the clarity of your writing style, especially the way you let your reactions appear on the page. It's interesting to read about the background of your addiction to exposure and humiliation as well as the nature of your relationship with your dad. Does "Finale" mean this is the end of the chronicle of your consensual humiliation adventures? Glad its all of interest to you. Finale doesn't mean the end of my blogs, but just kind of the end of this phase when I had responded to the ad for willing, consensual humiliation and how that involved my Dad.

I'm working on the next blog right now for y'all. Your stories are always interesting reads. Now, Would have been nice had he stripped you, tied you and whipped you all over, ass, tits, pussy, back, legs, etc.!

Since you have shown you can't be trusted to shave yourself, You really need to look into permanent hair removal of your pussy and anus!! If your hair is removed, you can never, ever hide your beautiful, wet pussy! Men will always be able to see that pussy, and you will be humiliated because you can't hide it from them!

Bad girl!! Never forget it! Great ass you have! Make it so, humiliated slut! I think he would have told me to strip and I would have done it without hesitation. And if he wanted to tie me, then I wouldn't have fought that either, offering wrists and ankles or whatever he needed to restrain me. I never ever want to hide that part of me so removing the hair permanently would make sense. Although to be honest, I love the idea of not keeping myself smooth or shaved enough and my man teaching me a lesson by using his tweezers to pluck out each and every little hair that's growing down there.

That would be especially humiliating and painful but I'd love it. Whenever you're in town. For the wanton little slut you are and for the humiliation you should be enduring, YOU have the perfect little sexy body, that was made to deliver pleasure to men, your father included if he so desired to take you.

Nothing says humiliation like a daughter being labeled a slut and cum dump than being totally subservient to her dad. YOU girl are truly something very special, but now you are totally believing it, not just accepting it as something that is being said by strangers.

Nothing says humiliation like a daughter being labeled a slut and cum dump and being totally subservient to her Dad. I love how that makes me feel knowing he knows everything about me and doesn't want me to change a bit.

Why can't I find a lady like you! Well you wouldn't be able to spot a woman like me on the street or at the mall anyway. There are girls like us all around, you just can't recognize us bc we keep it inside only to unleash it later.

You're definitely an Italian Stallion. You have incredible gifts to share! I love reading all ideas about being used, humiliated and degraded. You never know, someday we may bump in to each other. And no, I have not shown him pics of me being fucked and gangbanged but that doesn't mean he hasn't seen them. If seeing stuff like that pleases him, then I have no problem with it. My preference is that he sees and knows everything about me and that I do not know anything at all about what he knows or what he decides.

When all of this started, I had no idea he knew anything about it or was involved in any way and it all worked out perfectly for me, no complaints whatsoever. It was the best decision of my life to answer that CL ad and agree to consensual humiliation. I didn't know my Dad was involved until much later but if I had known, I would have still wanted to experience it if he wanted me to.

He doesn't judge the stuff that excites me nor do I judge the stuff that excites him. I don't really want to know what excites him, but I do want him to know what excites me. I just have a difficult time telling him in person so I let others do it for me. You have a great ass!! Have you considered being pierced as a way of being humiliated?? Here is a scenario! Arrange a place where your group can meet to watch you get pierced!

You will dance and take off your clothes for everybody, and remain naked until you are pierced! Start by piercing your tits--love your perky tits! Everybody gets to watch and comment!! Piercing your nipples will hurt, but it is worth it! I recommend barbells or rings!

You can use hoops, but be careful when wearing hoops and having rough sex--the kind you like! If it isn't pierced already, pierce your belly button next!

There is little sexier than a pierced belly button on a slave as hot as you!! After Belly Button is pierced, take a little brake! You are now going to have a vertical piercing of your pussy!

It is done in a way to provide stimulation of your clit! You may be horny all day!! If you want additional humiliation, you can let people play with your clit and your brand new piercing! You stay naked for the entire piercing!! Let your men pay for all of it, it is the least they can do for you!! Maybe have Dad watch as well!! Serve me!! I love the public humiliation of it for sure. As you have seen from looking at all of my pics over and over again I do not have any tattoos or piercings bc I am a good girl.

I don't have any bc I love my body completely natural. Anyway, I do like the idea of the clit piercing especially since it would provide constant clit stimulation which I love. I also love the nipple piercings since those could be used to torment and torture my poor nipples. And I like the tongue piercing especially since it could give pleasure to men as I suck their cocks or lick their assholes.

Now to be perfectly honest, I do have a fantasy but its when I am an age that requires adult permission to get pierced. And I am desperate to be like all the other sluts at school. Little bit like your scene but not exactly.

Frequently asked questions about the slave register

I see no contradiction between being a feminist and enjoying being ordered around by my partner. I wear my feminism on my sleeve. I believe that women should not be constantly examined and judged for their appearance; I believe that we deserve the same salary for the same work; I believe we shouldn't have to tolerate street harassment ; I believe that rape culture exists.

And yet, when I'm alone with one of my partners, I gladly kneel at his feet and call him Sir. One of the main feminist criticisms against BDSM is that it reinforces traditional gender roles and power imbalances.

Maybe that's how it looks on the outside, but my lived experience of it is completely different. First, gender has nothing to do with who bottoms and who tops; I know dominants of all genders. I also know submissives of all genders, and switches of all genders.

Although my current partner is a man, I would happily submit to a woman if we had a connection and I have done so in the past. My desire to submit does not stem from the fact that my dominant is a man: it comes from the fact that he's dominant. Him having a penis is not important. Our connection is. When it comes to power imbalances, again, it's a view from the outside.

I do not owe my dominant anything; I freely choose to give him what I want. Every piece of power he has over me, sexually and otherwise, is something we have discussed and negotiated at length. When he limits my drinking, it's because I told him he could; when he tells me how to groom or what to wear, it's because I want him to. We start every negotiation from a position of equality. My feminism, the feminism I believe in, is based on choice and equality.

And by choosing to submit to certain partners, I exercise that choice and empower myself. By becoming a slave, even for just a few hours every week, I give myself power — power to accept my desires, power to fulfill my fantasies, power to find partners who are compatible with me, power to find the kind of connection that I could only dream of if I remained in vanilla relationships.

My submission is a choice that I make for myself, not because of my partners' gender, but rather because of my connection to them. When seen as a conscious choice between equals, BDSM never reinforces patriarchy; it actually subverts it.

Everywhere around me in the kink community, I see people being who they are despite the social expectations surrounding us: the big beefy guy who enjoys being spanked by young, small women; the transitioning woman wearing her favourite skimpy dress; the cisgender man who enjoys showing up in frilly panties and schoolgirl skirts. In my experience, the kink space is the opposite of patriarchal.

It's the opposite of conventional. It subverts gender roles and power relationships; it subverts the idea that sexual acts happen only between committed monogamous partners; it highlights the recreational aspect of sex; it turns something that people tend take way too seriously into play. And so, as a submissive kinkster, my feminism is reinforced, rather than weakened, by my participation in kinky relationships, kinky play, kink spaces.

And this is why I prefer dating kinksters. Kinksters spend a lot of time and energy thinking about power in relationships, about consent, and about free choice. They've all felt the sting of social disapproval when observing their own desires, whether it's a sadistic man who's afraid to hurt a willing bottom or the submissive woman who's worried about becoming a '50s-style housewife.

But once they enter the kink community, they generally realize that their desires are OK, that their needs are valid, and that they are free to pursue their fulfillment as they wish, as long as it's with consenting partners. A kinky life is a life that's deeply considered, based on consent and connection, and supported by a community.

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Willing consensual slave

Willing consensual slave

Willing consensual slave