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The current YA landscape is something of a study in contrasts. But given what is going on in the world today, editors are also looking for titles about Brianne Johnson, an agent at Writers House, is getting manuscripts about all sorts of mental health issues, including depression, disordered eating, and narcissism. I feel like this has been reflected in a really exciting way in both what people want to write about and what editors want to publish. Bonus points for its ethnically diverse cast—a feature that is very much in demand, as well.

Teen novel publishers

Teen novel publishers

Concise and easy to read format. Unless you yourself are an illustrator, do not send illustrations with Teen novel publishers manuscript. You can send the email to this address. Hot Key is a UK based publisher novfl books for children ages 8 to As a multiracial second-generation American citizen, she is particularly drawn to characters and stories that traverse the Teen novel publishers of the immigrant experience. The majority are currently open to submissions, but publishefs all of them are.

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Leapfrog Press Leapfrog Press was created to search out, publish, and aggressively market books that tell a strong story. And when it comes Tesn a person to seriously write, they either have it, or they don't. They accept submissions from authors and agents separately for manuscripts nogel to 70, words. We offer high-quality romantic fiction for readers around the world. We distribute our eBooks Teen novel publishers any tablet, device, eReader or Teen novel publishers, so our readers can experience them any time, any place, any where. Tradewind Books Tradewind Books has been publishing prize-winning picture books, novels and poetry for children of Tina model btm ages for over 15 years. We seek to combine the knowledge of the established publishing houses with a unique understanding of the desires of the modern market. Publishers of magic, the occult, music, fiction, cookbooks, and self-help books. We produce creative Teen novel publishers contemporary books by enlisting a balance of established and emerging authors and illustrators guided by a production team of expert editors, designers and production personnel. We publish illustrated children's books for ages 2 to 6, easy readers for ages 5 to 8, and fiction for older children. PageSpring Publishing PageSpring Publishing is an independent book publisher Teen novel publishers in high-quality novels for adults and younger readers. Our books celebrate the earth through art and storytelling. Desert Breeze Publishing is a publisher of romance fiction in a variety of sub-genres, as well as mainstream women's fiction either with or without romantic elements.

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  • This data file features an updated list of the largest indie bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers.
  • Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks.
  • Our primary subject areas of interest are in contemporary social issues, including but not limited to, politics and political satire, legal topics and thrillers, women's issues, sports and young-adult fiction.

Have you written a book for teenagers that you want to publish and are looking for literary representation? Here are 19 young adult literary agents.

Writing for young adults is always a challenging task. You need to ensure your content is relatable without being condescending. These labels allow children, young adults, and parents to judge if a book is sufficiently comfortable for you. You can be a young, budding writer seeking to narrate your experience to your peers and the world.

Clean Teen is eager to find young, amateur authors who are 18 or older and build themselves into a brand. This can be an amazing opportunity for aspiring authors. It can be a chance of a lifetime to work with this upcoming publishing house. They are currently seeking young adult or new adult novels and stories from writers. The independent publisher based in Atlanta picks stories and books that rely on timeless topics.

Their popular books and novels focus on ideas and values such as courage, friendship, honesty, and morality. This enables children and young adults to broaden their imagination. They publish textbooks, novels, picture books and audio books for children of all ages.

Writers or authors will have to send a manuscript via post. You can find their submission guidelines and postal address on this page. With their unique take on writers and stories, they have created a catalog of quirky, entertaining and educational books for young readers globally. If your story is one of a kind, offbeat and richly layered, they are the publishers for you. They are presently looking for writers of young adult fiction. Over the years it has managed to cultivate a warm, dedicated and passionate reputation with writers and authors.

As the publishing landscape changed, they have kept up with the modern ages with their vision. Writers can consider sending their manuscripts for submission after reading the instructions. The right book can spark a lifelong interest in a young reader.

This is a motto that Charlesbridge takes very seriously. Publishing well written characters, gripping storylines and imaginative universes, they cater to children of all ages. They also believe in finding positive, uplifting voices that create an encouraging atmosphere for children and young readers. Charlesbridge acquired Imagine Publishing in and launched themselves in the field of publishing for adults. If you are an author or writer of young adult novels, you should consider sending a manuscript.

Established in , Arthur A. Levine Books has printed a whopping books since then. Arthur A. Having worked at this position gave him a clear idea about the interests and passions of children and young adults. Growing minds need to be nurtured with promising ideas and beliefs.

The publisher has given writers from diverse backgrounds and cultures a chance to share their story with young readers. They are currently accepting queries for submissions from writers of young adult books. Find the guidelines on this page and use this link to submit a query. Update: As of 1st May , Arthur A.

Levine Books is no longer accepting submissions. This small, independent publisher prints only fiction books for children aged Their offbeat, unique interests have led them to create an intensive, wildly imaginative catalog of titles. Young adults and readers are guaranteed to be mesmerized and enthralled by the engrossing stories and memorable characters. Chapter books, young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and picture books are some genres they dabble in.

Writers of non-fiction can also send a query as they are very selective about non-fiction. Find the submission guidelines for all genres mentioned on this page. Each book is carefully chosen for its writing, the story, the voice and the message behind it. The environment friendly publisher also does a lot to keep its books eco-friendly.

Find the submission guidelines listed here for interested writers and authors. Red Deer Press was initially a college press in Canada launched in Over the decades, it turned into a global publisher with full scale operations.

You can send your manuscripts of young adult fiction and non-fiction to them via e-mail or post. The small Canadian press was established in A team of industry experts helmed this literary press and managed to take it to the forefront of the publishing world.

The guidelines are mentioned here and you can use the Submittable link to send a query. They only accept manuscripts from authors and writers based in Canada.

With over a century of publishing experience and knowledge, they have perfect insight to what the reader needs and likes. Despite being a big and traditional publisher, they have an intimate team of publishing professionals who work with writers and authors. The styles and genres they print include action, holidays, LGBTQ, disease, disabilities, relationships, families, culture, history, pets, animals, romance, humor, science fiction, and young adult.

Writers and authors of young adult novels, middle grade, and picture books can send their manuscripts for review. Find the guidelines available here. This modern and independent company started as a digital book publisher.

Eventually they started printing 50 books annually. Based in New York for the last 9 years, they have been a unique and edgy press. Their books and authors have been eclectic, informative and have out of the box ideas. True to their modern ideology, every book and author is provided with a tailor made and customized marketing plan. This has helped them use new age media to entice young adults to pick up traditional or digital books.

Some of the genres they are interested in include non-fiction, fiction, young adult, crime, popular culture, romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and business. Write a summary of your book and include the first 3 chapters in the body of an email. They do not open attachments. You can send the email to this address. This full service, traditional publisher is located in Indianapolis.

It is one of the many imprints owned by Ten West Publishing. Blue Swan is seeking impressive scripts, stories, determined characters, and intricate storylines.

Genres such as history, romance, mystery, science fiction, young adult, and thrillers are eagerly awaited by them. They are also looking forward for young adult novels and stories in different categories and themes. Aspiring authors and writers can send their manuscripts after reading the guidelines here. Instead of streamlining genres or themes, they are open to new ideas and categories. As young readers are growing, their tastes evolve and they need educational yet entertaining material.

This is what Sky Pony promises to deliver with its books. Amateur and debut writers can also send their material for review. Reagent Press is a small and independent publisher choosing quirky, new and modern ideas and stories. This indie publisher is a trendsetter and wants to collaborate with promising writers. They request you to read their guidelines carefully before sending a manuscript.

Familiarize yourself with their catalog so you know what they expect and love. Currently they want previously published authors and writers since they are looking to establish a relationship.

You can be self-published or have a digital book out and they will consider you. An independent publishing company, Persea Books was launched in It has been printing and publishing important, engaging, and popular books for adults, children, and young adults.

They have given young and intellectual Americans a new avenue for literature. Poetry, essays, journals, non-fictions, classics, memoirs, and biographies are some of the things they are renowned for.

Like their adult books, their books for young readers are also vital and perfect for starting conversations or empowering teenagers. The New York based publisher only accepts manuscripts via post.

You can read the submission guidelines here. Helen Elliott started the company to promote local, regional, and Southern authors. It was one of the first and earliest publishers in the US to give Southern authors and writers a chance. Many of their books and authors received national and international awards.

They were named on several Best-selling lists for their talent and genius. You can review the submission guidelines on this page. NCM Publishing is a small but creative and powerful publisher. They have strived hard to give marginalized communities, people of color, and female authors a chance to write and share their stories.

We publish books that are not mainstream to reflect the world around us to include heroes and heroines of color, and to be inclusive of disabilities, ethnicity, and body type. At Paul Dry Books, our aim is to publish lively books "to awaken, delight, and educate"—and to spark conversation. Skyhorse as a whole published around 1, books in You can submit via email, and you should hear back in weeks. Publishes fiction by African American writers. Tyche Books is a Canadian small-press specializing in science-fiction and fantasy anthologies, novels, and non-fiction, all available as ebooks and trade paperbacks. Charlesbridge Publishing Charlesbridge publishes high-quality books for children, with a goal of creating lifelong readers and lifelong learners..

Teen novel publishers

Teen novel publishers

Teen novel publishers

Teen novel publishers

Teen novel publishers

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30 Young Adult Publishers Eager for Your Book - Bookfox

The current YA landscape is something of a study in contrasts. But given what is going on in the world today, editors are also looking for titles about Brianne Johnson, an agent at Writers House, is getting manuscripts about all sorts of mental health issues, including depression, disordered eating, and narcissism. I feel like this has been reflected in a really exciting way in both what people want to write about and what editors want to publish.

Bonus points for its ethnically diverse cast—a feature that is very much in demand, as well. The demand for romantic comedies is, of course, fueled in part by Hollywood producers looking to capture lightning in a bottle like Netflix did with To All the Boys.

Publishers are calling, too, she notes. Agents report there is also demand for stories from the toxic end of the relationship spectrum: novels that tackle the issues raised by the MeToo movement. Seeking Diverse Content and Creators. Testerman agrees. That being said, concrete action like the We Need Diverse Books insert from Scholastic Book Clubs, spearheaded by Preeti Chhibber, is very impactful, especially to librarians, teachers, and parents.

Many agents mentioned that the challenge now is to move beyond tokenism. The real challenge, of course, is finding new voices from underrepresented groups.

She actively looks for creators new to YA storytelling. Regel attends a lot of conferences, too, and, like many other agents, pays careful attention to queries. Social media has been a boon. Agents are also hoping that YA sees a similar boom in comics to the one being experienced in middle grade. Since , I have sold five—and counting: a mix of middle grade and YA. Brooks is hard at work in this area, too, signing Shawn Martinbrough, a critically acclaimed creator-illustrator whose work has already been published by Marvel and DC Comics.

Part of the challenge, Taylor says, is persuading publishers that YA readers want the same kind of escapist illustrated stories as younger readers.

The audience for YA comics might have to be driven by creators who already have a following and can pave the way for newcomers or lesser-known authors and illustrators. In some ways, YA is a victim of its own success as a now-established hitmaker.

Is the YA marketplace overcrowded? Absolutely, Volpe says. Which makes it harder for books to rise to the top and be discovered. Agents say they are still eager to see manuscripts from distinctive storytellers. Taylor thinks the demand for issue-driven YA shows no sign of abating. These topics get a lot of coverage in the news today, and I would love to see writers thoughtfully and artistically interrogate these topics so that we can arm teen readers with the knowledge that they are not alone, that we see and hear them, and that there is a way for us to all pull each other through the darkness.

Empathy-building stories are always on my manuscript wish list. I also have a special place in my heart for novels in verse. Taylor hopes to continue to see publishers using technological innovation to deliver stories in new ways. I believe the exponential growth of audiobooks is an indication that people are still yearning to be told a powerful story, but that the way they experience that story may be different.

Agents predict that YA authors will also continue to do what they have always done best: push the envelope. Johnson is excited about Unpregnant by screenwriters and debut novelists Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan, which she recently sold to HarperTeen and is due out in fall It addresses a socially important topic—access to abortion—within a road trip story about a teen who must travel from Missouri to New Mexico to have a legal abortion without parental consent.

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Teen novel publishers