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Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

LOL how amusing The FDIC will only insure for a fraction of that of amount. Best girls in town for going on 20 years. Being the broke college student, I'm not going to have several hundred Strip club list richmond paper moon to blow, but I do intend to buy four or five dances or so. She sounded happy with where she is at, and nobody deserves to be happy as much as she does for all she did for the industry in this town. Anti-Exploitation Woman needs to be a super hero villain? Actually, I have done it in boxers, pj's, half naked, and even on rollerskates, all at the moon.

Mountain guide vintage trousers. LATEST REVIEWS

She's the only one that I liked to get lap dances from! You know where my page is. What have you been up to? Cluh dont care If I let the girls entertain me - Strip club list richmond paper moon my choice. Strip Club Coupons. It makes me NOT want to do any dances. Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug papee you know? You will be in absolute heaven and delirium with our cock's going inside and out of your butt hole and with our testicle's slapping against your bare ass cheeks. Overall this club is a disappointment in comparision to what it claims to be. Look for a hot blonde named Britney. I went by Friday night and it was a ghost town and Pure Pleasures was packed. Let's talk about mokn else like how hott the other ladies are at papermoon beside "susan". O-Great to finally meet you and have a great Friday aftenoon! Strip club list richmond paper moon believe she actually moved a few years ago. Maybe you read it wrong.

Paper Moon South Side and downtown has always stood out in Richmond for its devotion to quality.

  • PaperMoon Gentlemen's Club strip club is known for offering the best lap dances in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Paper Moon Gentlemen's Club strip club is known for offering the best private dances in Richmond, Virginia.

Previous Post Next Post. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Post Next Post Dec. Comments 26 comments — Leave a comment. By Virginia law public "strip clubs" cannot have full nudity, so there's that. Only private strip clubs can do better than topless.

Link Reply Thread. Richmond strip clubs are staffed by girls from the surrounding counties. That's why people don't go to them -- they're afraid they'll see their cousins or something.

I went to high school with a bunch of them. Link Reply Parent Thread. Daddy Rabbit's and Candy Bar are the bottom of the strip club barrel. They must have been some prizes.

I heard a few girls I went to school with work at Candy Bar. One's on heroin, the other's a scary nasty skank not in the what you want to see in a stripper way.

Paper Moon will let you in if you are under 21 but you will pay a higher cover and wear a special "under 21" T-shirt over your clothes. They are friendly to everyone who's tipping well and not acting like an ass. Oh joy. So not only do all my friends treat me like the bitch because I'm under 21, they broadcast it to everyone in the club. I've heard it's a bit dodgy, though. Thanks for your help!

It's pretty astronomical, like over thirty dollars. Velvet is pretty dodgy, yeah. I'd say as far as quality goes in Richmond Strip Clubs, you're looking at: 1. Paper Moon Downtown 2. Paper Moon Southside 3. I guess my option is Paper Moon if I don't want to take a drive. I'm not going to drive to DC alone, and none of my friends are going to be up for that.

I went to Richard's Rondezvous once when I was reallly drunk. I could barely see their faces since it was really a blur but I am female and they were nice.. I even saw a "dancer" in the bathroom and she was like "Hi how are you?! I think the main reason dancers avoid females and couples is that they generally don't tip very well except for some well-heeled lesbians. A lot of straight girls go to strip clubs to be edgy and hip, or just so they can say they went, and don't seem to understand that you're expected to keep tipping decently the whole time you're taking up space.

Additionally, the main moneymaker is selling lap dances, and girls don't buy those as much as guys do, so a lot of dancers don't waste their time hanging around a table of girls. Don't forget jealous redneck woman and feminists there to save the strippers from exploitation. Anti-Exploitation Woman needs to be a super hero villain?

My concern is that I'll have trouble getting dancers to pay attention to me since I am female. I'll either be going alone or with my shy boyfriend who thinks buying dances are a waste of money, so I'll be the one shelling out all the cash. Being the broke college student, I'm not going to have several hundred dollars to blow, but I do intend to buy four or five dances or so.

I like boobs and don't have any of my own, what can I say? Although I have never been to a strip club sorry but a girl is going to take off her clothes in front of me, I am going to want to touch , I have known many of the strippers in Richmond. Richard's Rondezvous has always had the nicest girls, with the least issues. Also the guys who go there are not as sketchy as some of the other places, so I think it is a better working environment.

My sister who worked as a bartender at a local club said what you did about single straight women in the club. Do you have any suggestions for not being pegged as "holy shit, it's a woman! I want to make sure that I can get girls to dance for me. I'd really prefer it if they would come to my table instead of me having to hunt them down and ask them for a dance, but I'll accept that that's probably what's going to happen. Um, no not really - like I said, never been in one.

But maybe you can get some of your female friends together and "practice" this. Is Pure Pleasure still around? Back in my days of running around Richmond drunk as hell all the time i found myself there numerous times.

They often came over and talked with us stating that they LOVED when girls came in the club and actually watched them dance It was a really nice atmosphere as a woman to go and see women dance.

I always felt Richard's was kinda skeezy The dancer brought it over to me.. Right now all of my friends and I are either living on campus or at home, so I don't think we could really arrange that.

That's a great suggestion, though. I prefer Richard's, since I've had the best experiences there. They also didn't charge us cover a few times when we showed up later in the night. I honestly don't remember what the cover charge is, since the hubby always paid it. There's a couple who avoid me since I'm female and go in with my husband and a few other male friends, but I've never had a bad time at all.

I'm not sure if she's still there been awhile since I went , but Vixen is super sweet, friendly and has nothing against well-behaved female patrons. She always made a point to come talk to me and make sure we were having a good time. I think any stripped is going to be nice to you as long as your throwing the dollars out.

When I went to paper moon I was deeply unimpressed. The atmosphere there is fine and their chairs are comfortable but the girls are very plain and have absolutely no talent at all.

I really like to throw my money at whichever girl is actually dancing. Anonymous Dec. Velvet is cool but very small and dark. Where i work the dancers socialize with the customers and have fun. Now you wouldn't know that if you listen to these ignorant people stereotyping all dancers. Not all dancers are on drugs either.

In the hampton roads area the bars are rundown and ghetto, and they hire anyone. Candybar i hear is the worst in Richmond. Powered by LiveJournal. Designed by phuck.

After working at several other clubs in the northeast i realized the moon ws a bit higher class. That's the Moon, always changing and for the better. Soon I will be stopping in to see you sweetie. I really miss the people and the atmosphere. The only reason I gave it two stars was because some of the dancers were nice to me. United States Strip Clubs.

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon. Strip Club List

Strip Club Job Seekers. Strip Club Help Wanted. Strip Club Realty. SCL Featured Clubs. United States Strip Clubs. Canada Strip Clubs. View All Photos. PaperMoon Gentlemen's Club Rated 3.

PaperMoon Gentlemen's Club events View all events. Girls are no good. They looked bored. Lap dances were mediocre. Waitress were not much better. The only reason I gave it two stars was because some of the dancers were nice to me. It was Don't be fooled by the name, I'm actually a girl. I decided to give this club a try a few weeks ago.

It looked like it had potential since the money was better than in Virginia Beach and Nice atmosphere,clean. Girls at night better looking and younger 7 to 9 ,Day 4 to 6 unless you have nght girl forced to work day for being late.

Mgmt very tough with girls squeeze the girls hard Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know? Tired of being bullied? Not to say it is not even a topless dance at that. Been running my business for 10 years. Went to SS Papermoon thought I would have a beer. Prices are decent girls are pretty hot.

Just didn't like that dark headed bartender she was a real shithead other than that everything was alright.. Oh well she must be fucking management. I haven"t been in the moon for about two years. Can anyone tell me if Joanne is still working? And where is Alley? These are two genuine ladies. I hope to get a reply; and I pray you two are both doing well. Your' friend. Had to leave and take care of somethings back home but will be back in a month or two.

Especailly you Anna. Are you listening?? What exactly is the "Presidential suite"? Is it a private dance room similar to the upstairs room DT, or something different? Power HOur is what happens the last hour the club is open The rules change at power hour The girls are nice and very beautiful but the guy is a dick.

He walks around in a bad mood and is a complete smart ass, Were is Mark at When u say "the only thing wrong" I was expecting something minor. But looking like a man is just foul! I went to the club last night. I've been there before. The girls are beautiful and friendly.

I like the new layout and the increased amount of 2 for 1's. The negatives are that the prices are going through the roof!!

The ever changing rules are a hassle as well. I hope management take this advice. Lower your upper end prices and make your rules consistant from one week to the next.

Richmond needed a club that catered to the gay crowd and that male dancer is really working for you. What are the differences? Thanks for your help! How are you doing hun? Oh, you haven't "darkened that doorstep" since your last conversation with the GM??? How did your conversation with him go?? I didn't go to the Moon. Oh, you collected your barstool and turned things over to meaty??

How come?? Who is meaty?? Did he get his name from having a long, thick cock?? I haven't been into the Moon yet. It was 3 of my stud's who went in and from their description they gave to me it fit you perfectly you having a very handsome face, fit, muscular body with muscles, etc. BigGreen, in the meantime please take care, good bye and God bless you sweetie. Sorry, I have not darkened that doorstep since my last conversation with the GM, maybe you were there to see me collect my chit, to include my barstool, and turn things over to meaty, as I was walking out the door.

Maybe its one of the other Jedi DJ's that you have the hots for and not me?? Ya'll Have the hottest bouncer ever!! The new guy..

This club is not gay. The Moon could "spice" thing's up and greatly increase their business if they'd employ handsome, hung, gay men and shemale's as dancers. The Moon could have one part of their club for the "regular" dancers and the other for the stud's and shemale's. Bigbald, please stop in sweetie.

I and my crew love men with shaved heads. How are you?? Soon I will be stopping in to see you sweetie. I truly do feel intense passion towards you. Bigbald, not the club, its still the top club in the state, and its not gay.

Hi hun. How have you been. Oh, you have done it in boxers, PJ's, half naked and even on rollerskate's all at the Moon?? That sounds so hot. Yes, I did miss those nights. Oh, you have pictures around somewhere??

Oh no, you posting those pics won't be cruel at all nor will they send me into spasm's. The two pics you posted made my cock fully erect and I did ejaculate into a magazine. Actually my cum was so copious that several pages were totally drenched with my cum. Oh, the rumor's aren't true about your cock?? Cash is gone again??? Say it isnt so?!?!?!!?? It IS a show mutha fucka, and all you got left is Bernie, and he is best "suited"for the mechanics, thats why i spent years trying to get him there.

Chris has potential, but i didnt have enough time with him for greatness, and Meaty?? Well, he is good people, but part of the "pleasure principle" before your time and to old for new tricks. Your out of cards asswipe, and I wont come back till your gone, so save your dime on the phonecall.

Your only hope is to call Twisted, at least he still gives a dam, maybe, after the way he was fucked proper. I have done it in boxers, Pj's, half naked, and even on rollerskates, all at the moon.

Guess you missed those nights. I do have pictures around somewhere but fear posting them would be cruel and send you into a spasm or something. How have you been? Oh, you have done it in boxers, pjs, half naked and even on rollerskates??

Oh God that all sounds so very hot. You sure are very experienced sexually. Oh God please post them. Please don't worry about myself going into homosexual spasms. Oh baby I and my crew clearly do know why you call yourself Big. It is cause of the large, long, thick, throbbing, veiny juicy cock between your legs.

Actually, I have done it in boxers, pj's, half naked, and even on rollerskates, all at the moon. Im sure there are still pics floating around but fear posting them will send you into homosexual withdrawl spasms, so I wont even look for them. Hi Big how's it going hun? Yes your mojo was too powerful for me.

When I first saw the two pics you posted my heart started pounding really fast and my cock was fully erect about 11 inches and thick immediately. A few seconds after I was fully erect some pre-cum fluid was seeping out the tip of my cock. Forget about the females at the moon and forget about my wife.

She know's nothing about my love and craving for a very fine, hot, handsome, hung southern gentleman stud like yourself. Till next time baby. Take care. LOL I swear, im innocent!!! My mojo was to powerful for this guy and it sent him over the edge I guess. Pity huh, all those alpha females at the moon and this guys eyeballin me?? Takes all kinds i guess, i just hope that hottie wife of his knows about his hidden desires? Can we get back to what this sight is about? Reviews on the club. Go play somewhere else.

I am certain I and my crew can "turn you out" straight to gay. Are you "heavily armed" with the flesh which you have between your legs?? I and my crew would absolutely love to unseal your ass. We'd also love to kiss and lick your bare butt hole. We all love the smell and taste from a very hot, handsome, hung man like yourself. Don't worry we'll be easy to start with. Ok i dont mean to break your heart, or dash your crews charter, but its just not gonna happen im heavely armed.

Many moons ago, in an attempt to thwart off your kind, and the muslims, i had my ass surgically sealed to avoid such an occasion. Thats why i have to "talk"shit now, at least once a day, to stay regular, or i feel bloated.

BigGreenM you look just fine, hot and handsome wearing both your white and blue suit's. After I and my crew saw your pic's we'd all love to get you totally nude and give you a massage on your bed. Next, one by one we'd insert our long, thick, veiny, juicy cock's up your wet, stinky and hairy butt hole bareback without condoms. I and my crew will probably have to use oil on our shaft's for your butt hole. You will be in absolute heaven and delirium with our cock's going inside and out of your butt hole and with our testicle's slapping against your bare ass cheeks.

Gay bareback sex is the best. Any fool who has over a million dollars in a chccking account is a fool. The FDIC will only insure for a fraction of that of amount.

AND, they are losing several hundred thousand dollars a year in interest. Inflation alone eats up a hundred thousand a year on 2. LOL, ok wait I got a red suit, a white suit, a purple suit, a brown suit, , a blue suit, a black suit, a orange suit, a tan suit, and yes, even a pink suit Even if I cant wear some of them to church on sundays, I still out suit you. Now what?? So word of advice sir, please lose your white and blue suit's. Those suit's which you are wearing went out of style back in the late s.

Also, please stop posting those truly queer pics on the scl site. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dont be a ree-tard ya foolish bastid. I only looked like a fool in the blue suit, OK and maybe the red suit.

Either way, it was all part of the show you paid to see. Maybe you prefere the DJ in a faded and torn concert tee shirt?? It was all part of the show, i dont dress like Huggy bear in real life, just like the girls dont wear gstrings and pasties daily. Hey MnM 2, you can even call yourself "BOB the dj"and nobody who knows will ever belive i said that about the moon or its girls. Its not true, its factualy incorrect, and sounds like the whine of a biotch who got dissed.

Lemmie guess, one of the girls broke your heart and Fraz took all your money? Go dance anywhere else out of Richmond and you will see. They fine you to death here and take too much of your lapdance money.

They would be hurting if they sent all the illegals home. Hear that the dancers are rotating between the two clubs. Is there any kind of schedule available. Haven't seen Poison or Phoenix last couple of times I was in.

Are they still there? There was a time when his "Insiders"didnt air his laundry for all to see. If you are really an "Insider", then you know how well Fraz takes care of you, yet you still come on here and bash him? Outside of karen, I doubt he has any true loyal insiders left, or knights dedicated to the moon and the round table. Your just there for the money, kinda like what you accuse Fraz of. You dont care about the girls, you dont care about the Name papermoon, and you dont care about the king.

Be thankful im not there to stomp on you, cause i would find you out and eliminate. If you need someone else to donate to, post me back, i'll put the money to good use. I have posted this before, he only makes it because we let him. BIIG waste of time and money. I heard that Lexus was taking time off from dancing.. I haven't seen her in months.. I'm coming up soon and i loved her pole dancing. I have been there twice in the last month on weekdays.

This rate is only during the two for one. In the VIP, the customer can touch everywhere but the pubic region. Hope that helps. The club recently remodeled. Not sure yet if I like the new set-up. Can any one clearly explain to me the pricing and what you get of the VIP lap dances. I was in Paper Moon on St. Patrick's day, and I just wanted to say you were great. You gave awesome lap dances, were very friendly, and were a lot of fun. Not to mention, I loved the cat woman outfit.

Thanks for making my night enjoyable. Racist people are idiots. Case in point: all the sarcasm in Mark's post went completely over poor Dale's head. Hey guys, I am glad you enjoy Pure Pleasure, I think it's a great club also, but can we keep the comments about the Moon and not another club? Afterall, there is a site for Pure Pleasure, right?

As for the price hike at the Moon, I have just started back there and I haven't heard any complaints from any of the men I have talked to or danced for.

That's the Moon, always changing and for the better. Chevy and M. I frequent Pure Pleasure quite often. I've only noticed a few black chicks or asian chicks over the years dancing. They usually never make it as dancers. Facts are facts. The vast majority of customers are hard working whites who are nice, tip well and know how to behave.

They prefer the better looking and better dancing white dancers. But I'm open to attractive asian and hispanic dancers. After all, who wants to dance for a thug, in pants falling down, with a gold tooth, a second grade education and doesn't know how to act or tip?

BigGreenMnm goes waaaay back at the moon. Looks great in a thong, too. Kinda flat-chested, though. LOL not going to agree with anyone, or remind people it was ME who tore down the rebal flags at the Last Chance, when we turned it into the candy bar. Thanks Steve even if it was cause Susan was scrupin Billy at the time , and thanks Jimbo, you got things closer to what the moon is, and they call it the candy bar. Where were the bikers and rednecks then??

Yeah, I agree with you, Chevy Rider. In addition to all those changes you mentioned, I also think Paper Moon should fire all the black, asian and hispanic girls, ban any music that's not classic rock from the years thru , and change the decor to rebel-flag chic.

No one should be allowed to drink anything other than Budweiser or Bud Light, and all customers should be required to be driving either a Harley Davidson or a pickup truck before even gaining entry into the parking lot. Usually I frequest Pure Pleasure, because they have the best ladies.

Paper Moon is very expensive and when you go outside to your vehicle at night, you see prostitutes walking Midlothian and have to listen to crappy hip hop noise at Taco Bell. The Candy Bar is OK during the day, but then when it get's dark outside it get's dark inside and seeing baggy pants, gold teeth, cheap tippers and listening to foul ebonic language is not appealing.

Daddy Rabbit's is OK at times, but the girls hate the cheap latino tippers, who also smell. They have the money and behave. LOL, thats like saying its going to rain next year! Your right!!! I don't know any star dancers, but I know some star customers who have. I give it a few months before Fraze is forced to make some changes. Its been over a week with the new changes. Can anyone name the "star"dancers who have left, looking for "greener pastures", and shown up at the candy bar or pleasure, richards or the rabbit??

LOL panties on, I swear!!! The bottom line is simple, and you said it yourself, people keep paying it. My words mean nothing, facts speak volumes. I cant blame Frazier for the prices, because we pay it. It may not be vegas or Miami, but as long as we keep paying it, he can keep charging it. As long as we keep paying and the dancers keep paying, F B will keep charging.

And yes, Bob, keep your panties on, we know you love the club and the girls, but we aint all rich snobs strollin into town to scope the hottest poopoo, some of us are working stiffs who love the women and enjoy the dancing. Take a good look at the clientel, some of us may surprise you. Well, maybe im being misunderstood. Im not defending, im just explaining.

When they started charging the dj's bucks for a house fee, the jocks chit a brick. But its the only club in town where they still walk with dollars depending on the night. Funny you should mention Credit Card charges. Let's face it PaperMoon is becoming an outright hustle ripoff. This isn't Las Vegas.

That said, the Moon is a nice club, No doubt. But when it comes to the bottom line, it's just not worth all the extra BullShit charges.

I can't believe ANYONE other than someone who benefits from it would defend the increases that have happened recently. They should be ashamed of themselves. SCL Main. Strip Club Reviews. Strip Club Comments. Strip Club Top Feature Dancers. Strip Club Video. Recent Profiles. SCL Photo Gallery. Strip Club Events.

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Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon