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Remember back in school when every popular kid had a tongue piercing and you were just that boring, ear-pierced nerd whose parents would never let them be so cool? Well apparently, that still happens today because pierced tongues are actually still a thing. Think again. Prices will vary depending on what piercing you go to, but those are the average figures. Unless you want like a Swarovski crystal in your mouth, then that might be abit extra.

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring

Sign in. A drilldo i. There is no age Sexual tongue ring for tongue piercings, however the British Body Piercing Association has a Code of Practice and Ethics which includes not giving a piercing to anyone under the age of Top Search. Save big on our app! Mouth jewelle, of course, urse a choking hazard. The feeling Sexual tongue ring a cold ball or bar as your kissing can be exciting Lingerie mpg tgp some, plus for the pierced person the tugging on your piercing is meant to be like a party for the nerve-endings in your tongue. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

Story erotic down her throat mpeg. Getting a tongue piercing is not painful.

Take a step off the beaten path Sexual tongue ring find out what these powerful vibrators, and your body, tongus capable of! There was nothing different, but she was so good either way. Create Your Own Necklace. Make sure tonvue clean it for at least a month after the initial piercing. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing. People that use them Sexual tongue ring to get off tongke the fact that their partner enjoys oral sex so much. Biker Rings. Piercings can enhance your sex Huge boob porn, although many people think that's not necessarily so. I have had my tongue pierced for many years, and have recently been taught a little trick. Themed Sports, Symbols, etc. However, the girl was so sensitive from the number of piercings she already Sexual tongue ring, that the motion of cleaning her brought her to orgasm repeatedly. Hey I'm just here to offer up some interesting ideas — there are no guarantees.

Below are eight interesting facts about tongue piercing;.

  • Tongue piercing is a body piercing typically done through the center of the tongue.
  • Stick your tongue out and show it off!

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College Team. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing. Slider Charms. Picture Word. For this reason, it is important to always have the barbell on.

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring

Sexual tongue ring. Getting a tongue piercing is not painful.

The intention was to draw blood for blood sacrifices. For this reason, a string or a thorn covered rope was attached to the hole. Tongue piercing was also practiced by the Haida , Kwakiutul and Tlinglit of America. Piercing the tongue was believed to create an altered state of consciousness through which they could communicate with their deities.

Tongue piercing was common among Indian Fakirs and Sufis, Asian mediums and the Australian aborigines. Popularity of contemporary tongue piercing is credited to Los Angeles based body piercer, Elayne Angel. Getting a tongue piercing is not as painful as imagined. The safest place to pierce the tongue is in the midline. The piercing is made as swiftly as possible with a cannula needle.

Before piercing, the piercer will examine the tongue, paying attention to the location of blood vessels. It is crucial to get the tongue piercing done by a qualified and professional body piercer. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. The tongue is expected to swell to up to double its size after piercing. This is uncomfortable and essentially quite painful, especially when moving the tongue as is the case during speaking and eating.

However, this is only temporary. It is also advisable to keep your head well positioned i. You can keep your head elevated at night by sleeping on several pillows. Swelling is expected to reduce in about three days and will subside completely in seven to eight days.

However, the presence of saliva acts as a deterrent for infections. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing. Usually, activities such as brushing the teeth may prove excessively difficult in the first days or weeks after the piercing. Well after him and I talked about it I started using if for the blowjobs that I gave him. He really liked it.

I tried to get him to get one for me but he won't which that's ok. But I used ice to get it cold, and use a vibrating tongue ring for different pleasure reasons. It never hurts to try new things.

But if you do have one and worried what people think, get a clear one or take it out. I would get a clear one or a tongue colored one so its easy to hide. I've been with a couple guys who had tongue piercings, and honestly I really couldn't tell that much of a difference. I could feel the metal, but it didn't make anything better or worse, lol. The part that feels good is the roughness of their tongue, which you'll get with anyone, piercing or not.

It is really a lot of rumors saying it is better Really it doesn't feel much better. One trick I know which works is if it is a stainless steel piercing and you suck on Ice for a few. It sends a little bit of an initial chill but goes away I would have to say that the reverse is true though. I can tell you from both angles. My girlfriend has a tongue ring and I have one also.

I'm bi so I not only get head from someone with a tongue piercing, but I give head as well. It doesn't fell that much different when you get it unless the giver knows what they're doing and can work their tongue around the penis in the 'hot spots". I like to go deep on the penis and slide the ring on the backside of the penis to the top then swirl my tongue around the head using the ring.

Usually doesn't take long to get a nice creamy reward. Hello there! I have a question to you Is it possible to do a deep throat and licking the balls at the same time?

I want to start practicing but I think that the piercing may make difficult for the tong to "go out of the mouth".. I don't know if you understand what I meant English is not my mother language so I'm trying my best to express myself XD Anyway, thanks a lot! Use the ball to rub the underside of the head and just lick it all over. You don't really have to do anything special, he's going to feel the tongue ring no matter what. Alright first of all don't get a tongue ring for a man.

They wreak your teeth, it has happened to a few of my friends. Second you can give way better blowjobs without one. Its all about the hand moving up and down at the base, with lots of saliva.

While sucking firmly on the cock, stroke your tongue up and down the underside of his cock where that line of skin is located at the tip of his cock. Use lots of saliva!! He will cum in no time and you won't have jaw lock.

But from what I've heard for some guys they think it's amazing for others it doesn't make a difference! It all depends on the size of the jewelry! I used to meet up with this very sexy girl of a weekends.

We'd get high as kites and horny as hell on Coke and fuck non stop for days. As treat she would give me blow jobs in between intercourse.

They were amazing! She would roll her tongue stud up and down the under side of my bell end. Then suck as hard as she could on the head of my cock and with each suck stroke the underside of my cock head with tongue stud. I've never cum so much giz since! First off for the people who said that it hurt That means your girl was doing it wrong. And for the ones that said there isn't a difference then there's something wrong with you dick or she didn't have one in.

But I know my boy friend and I tested me sucking dick with and without and he says there's a difference. There is no difference.. I love head and was dating a girl who loved giving it. She could deep throat, she'd swallow that's important. She got her tongue pierced I paid for it.. After no BJ for two weeks healing time, she was ready. There was nothing different, but she was so good either way. I honestly couldn't feel much of a difference.

Tongue piercings have always seemed really trashy and immature to me, from what I've heard there's not much difference except you have to learn how to talk all over again. Well I have my lip pierced and I know that my guy loves having that rubbed against his cock, it just adds to the stimulation and puts variety in oral. You just have to be careful that it doesn't hurt him and that your not too rough.

And if it does bug him you can always take it out, so it's no problem :. Yes I have, and no you don't feel a difference. It's just some myth people believe that somehow it will make it feel different. For me it does enhance it. When I feel that ring on the underside of my penis, it feels amazing!

But I wouldn't suggest getting one if you don't already have one. I have never had the pleasure of getting oral from someone that had a tongue peircing but I do hear theat if feels a lot better then coming from someone that does not have a tongue pierced. What about on an uncircumcised penis? My bf was mad at me for piercing my tounge cause he said it hurts Mabry the girl just did not know what she was doing any answers. Get a tongue ring with a diamond inside the steel ball I had it before it was a little rough but it made me cum fast licking it up and down inside her mouth.

The whole tongue-piercing thing kind of turns me off completely. Not sure I would even want someone to try it on me.

It is fantastic. Only uncircumcised guys would not notice the difference which is huge, btw , as they no longer have their super sensitive frenulum. I have once, it may be just me but I didn't really notice a huge difference, but like I said, it was only one time so others may of had a different experience.

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Posted By pbblog on Nov 28, This body jewelry comes in a variety of striking shapes. These days, piercings are a personal choice and it is timeless and classic.

In this era, body piercing considers to be stunning, fashionable and also a bold statement. Each piece of the tongue piercing jewelry blends in beautifully with the hot trends of the moment. Checkers, waves, hearts, and swirls are the first of a few sweet designs you can choose.

Each passing day develops vibrating tongue rings to be the craze of an upward trend. It brings unforgettable intense pleasure and is also a form of a micro massager.

This battery operated jewelry is powerfully made to be comfortable and fun for everyone. People love this piece of jewelry. Either women or men can wear these vibrator tongue rings and it creates a tingling sensation in the tongue which many will love.

It also used to tease loved ones when used during kissing. These modern piercing aids are a trend among the younger generation. Only at Piercebody. The powerful battery operated a collection of the vibrating tongue jewelry. Search for:. Find us on Facebook Piercebody.

Sexual tongue ring