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Polish playmates cardiff

Polish playmates cardiff

Polish playmates cardiff

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Polish playmates cardiff

Polish playmates cardiff

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IA CARDIFF WEDDING.I||Evening Express - Welsh Newspapers

In Id. P AND A. Wuxi, weather, and circumstances permitting. I Tues. A v r, cAnmrr, Wed.. Fars either place : 2a. Fares: Clevedon, is, 6d.

Does not call at Penarth. For- ke. Telegrams: "Prirarooe. Trains leave Daily -Not Sundays. AU Vale from side. All Vale Ilfracomba side. Calls off Lyn mouth to and fro. Through bookings from all Barry, Taff, Rbymney Stations. Ma-lodee, Newport. Davies, Traunch, near High Wall, Pontypool.

Ceaeral aervaa? OOD homeJyL? ALo Aprll-hatciicd, 18s. Q -Geneml, not under Aiao W iIII1art. Numbers of drays tined wit-h lea-fy branches of trees arrived in the East End yesterday as a gift from Lord Bothsohald. The leaves will be iieed to make booths" for the Jewish Feaet of Tabernaolea on Friday.

Alexander Johnston. In France the jutfige says, accordant to the "Law Jcamnail," "You swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? In Italy the witness, placin'g his hand upon an open Bible, says, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and.

Even amoTjg less-civilised peoples the ceremony of oath-taking is destitute of the kiss. A Mahometan witness, holding the Koran in his right hand, bendis down until his forehead touches the sacred, volume. Breakiritg a saucer is one method with the Chinese; slicing off a fowl's head another; blowing out a lighted caiwiie a third-ali representing, of course, the awful fate that awaits the Chineeo witness who does not tell the trutih.

From the last Minutes of Conference it a,ppears says the "University Correspondent" that the number of Oxford and Cambridge graduates has risen from 27 to 51, of Durham and Dub- lin graduates from 43 to 58, and of London graduates from to Certain absentees being noticed next day, the attendance officer called at the youngsters' homes to inquire the cause, but was told that in each case the children had been 8ent to school as usual- The following day the number of absentees had increased, and inquiries eventually revealed the fact that the children had declared their intention of staying away till the playtime was again conceded.

Davies was in fine voice, and sang with increasing favour no fewer than five songs from his extensive repertoire. His reception was enthusiastic in the extreme. I 5 Besides the Fixture Lists of all the A? Percy Bush writes of Why.

George Mercer has an article on the? Greatest Genuine Clearance I! H H Watches Reduced all round. Rings at Less than g3 y F. NAME H. B Ovefr 50 Branches in Britain. Cool, E-wxtt. It is a tonic? Try a bottle. Members appeared to be divided in the speculation as to whether many or few flakes were likely to fail this coming winter. Some were of the opinion tTiat by the law of aver- ages a heavy snowfall could not be expected this winter, others thought they ought to be prepared for it if it came, and others said they could wait until it did come and then deal with it.

Altogether, there was much doubt con- cerning the matter, and if the Clerk of the Weather was listening at the time he must have chuckled considerably in his sleeve. So far as actual prophecies are concerned, it must be confessed that the aldermen and councillors did not leave much reliable data by which the citizens of Cardiff could regulate their conduct on and after Christmas next.

The snow may come, or it may not, just the same as before the City Fathers discussed the weighty possibilities. Of one thing the burgesses may be pretty certain, there will be L with which to move the snow away whether it comes or not. After yesterday's proceedings, Mr. Alfred Good cannot look upon three as his lucky number. Good has been a member of the corporation thir- teen years, and thirteen days beyond the allotted time of three years and three days disqualified him.

By this- law of figures he ought to have won or lost his claim by three votes, but as a matter of fact a bare majority of two was sufficient to put him out of the running-at least until the next council, when possibly a new batch of members may be found to turn the scales in favour of the old Cathays war horse. Important business was transacted at this meeting beyond the snow and the matter of Mr.

Good's seniority. The curtain went down on the last scene connected with the comedy of the building of the Mental Hospital, and it is to be trusted that the corpora- tion have learned their lesson well, espe- cially in view of the construction of the new reservoir, when it may become quite easy to repeat the mistake for which the ratepayers have had to pay so dearly. The Whitchurch Palace should be a pre- cious place in the eyes of Cardiff rate- payers, and it is to be hoped that it will be kept spick and span against the day when some of the worn-out supporters of its costly beauty will want to retire into the haven of rest there provided-if the aliens do not crowd them out.

Fortunes are awaiting advertisement writers, all the world is ready to employ the pen of the man who is trained to write in fascinating terms about soap, pills, and cocoa-and so forth. It is all very good and nice, and no doubt the earth is getting somewhat crowded witi. Indeed, no one has any time nowadays to cook puddings or to nurse babies—there are so many advertisements to answer—and quite right, too. The only creatures who devote but a small portion of life to this very pleasant re- creation are the ladies who are looking for votes.

But that is another story. Besides, newspapers are not encouraged at Holloway and Birmingham. Now we can arrive at the real, the only. The advertisements and the writers are there right enough—all there.

But wkat I we all require is the ability to answer advertisements. Where is the magician who will arise and tell us how to answer advertisements of real good situations? An ideal post would be one where the I office hours are 10 to 4, with all the illus- trated. Failing such a position, some of us would not mind ensconcing ourselves in a nice glass office, whence we could look out and see other fellows with their noses to the grindstone.

Members of' Parliament might take on these jobs themselves, but they either occupy better positions or they prefer to play the benevolent friend to those who can write nice letters. It is one way of answering advertisements, though for the life of me I have never been able to see where these easy posts are advertised. But in other directions good situations are awaiting the ladies and gentlemen who can answer the advertisements better than their fellows—hence the need of the professor who will teach the art of replying to advertisements.

Of course, it may be objected that the person who is able to get a lucrative posi- tion by the medium of a cleverly con- structed application is not bound to keep it. That by no means follows, and, after all, it is a minor matter.

People who can keep situations need not answer advertisements. They are usually satisfied with 22 to JE4 a week posts. But to be able to get the fat jobs going about, if only to taste them, must be the ambition of many a jolly sort of duffer. What matters the violent exit down- stairs if one can subsequently boast of being able to read the "Times" from ten to twelve, then -escaping after the heavy morning's work to enjoy an eight course luncheon, returning to the office at two o'clock to doze away the afternoon until the slow clock points the time of liberty from such humdrum thraldom at four?

How nice it must be to be able to hover from flower to flower, sipping honey from successive situations at or about ten guineas a week! This kind of life is well calculated to make existence both plea- sant and exciting until the old-age pen- sion period arrives. By all means let us have our professors to teach us how to reply to advertisements and get us nice, easy, well-paid situations.

It is the only possible protection from pbylloxem. In the European, vine the root i-avariably iots after the phylloxera. Buttocks it. By oroeaittg the American with the French vinoeg a hybrid has been obtained which is well adapted to ail kinds of grape- growing soil in France. An important, part of the business of some wd-no-gr,- ,wom in France oonsiieta in. You cannot spell your own name? Can you manage to write it? No, I oon't; perhaps my daughter can," she replied.

The daughter was accordingly provided with paper and spelt the name Shapiro. That is very accommodating," commented the coroner amid laughter. Eventually it was decided to adopt the final A. He was re- manded yesterday. They proceeded upstairs, and found the prisoner under a bed.

The prisoner escaped, scaled two walls, and burst open the doors of a house and -an into S-hornoliffe-road, where he was eventually canight. Prisoner was sentenced to six months' hard labour.

New York..

Polish playmates cardiff

Polish playmates cardiff