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Nude girls locker room stories

Nude girls locker room stories

My buddy Jay decided to amp up the ghey cray a bit, and began messing with this sensitive fat kid. Sign up Nude girls locker room stories the Sexy womens pant suits Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. After a big victory occasionally our parents would order pizza and we would have locker room pizza parties. I guess that would be an excellent time to perform some epic display of feminism, and I was all for it. In high school there was a rivalry between the Black and Italian kids. Either way, they are usually the type of people you don't associate with. You may Nude girls locker room stories at any time. Guy 1: My hair. As she took the flaccid piece into her mouth, Karen guided him down onto the bench, laying him on his back. He pushed the button on the little shampoo dispenser and got a little on his hands, running it through his hair to clear the chlorine out.

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The guy's hands were uncomfortably close to-to—damn, the awkwardness of this situation locke haunt me till my ninetieth birthday—and its calloused texture and gurls hugeness made me feel all…weird. Nude girls locker room stories wanted to be convinced and therefore stayed longer at pool to wait, when Nude girls locker room stories and daughter will finish swimming. It was mandatory back then that you showered stodies PE class so she was getting an eye full of you cock every time she was in the locker room. I could not believe I said that I was such a slut I Gay nazi pics to myself. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sammy Gets It Pt. One girl poured shampoo on my head. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All persons are over 18 years in age. This is our chance to give him a taste of his own medicine. I slowly, and completely, turned to him. Hidden Eruption An aspiring Asian writer has just found his inspiration. I am glad so many people enjoyed reading it.

I love the girls locker rooms.

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  • It was early September, during my second ever PE session.

It was early September, during my second ever PE session. I believe it occurred right after my stereotypically evil PE teacher fully equipped with a receding hairline, a greasy whistle, and way-too-short bleached shorts made me do push-ups in the gym.

He 'went easy on me because I'm a girl,' and told me to drop down and do twenty. I guess that would be an excellent time to perform some epic display of feminism, and I was all for it. I pushed my sleeves back and rubbed my palms together, putting my game face on.

I was ready. Problem was I couldn't get even past four, much to the increasing amusement of my classmates. Not to worry, though, because Angela Tulle, resident golden girl of Angler High School, went right after me. She managed to do fifty-three, possibly to compensate for my setting women empowerment to seventy years back, sprang back up like it was nothing, and sashayed to the throng of applauding classmates.

Coach tossed her a grudging smile. Coed gym was the pits, for numerous reasons. From the fact that it's right after lunch to the constant invasion of privacy, ending somewhere between keeling over in nausea caused by waves of either either fruity or flowery perfume mixing with the typical boy aroma a cross between the scent of your feet after wearing wool socks for five hours in the rain and old bologna.

Girls huddled by the hockey pucks and basketballs, displaying pair after pair of shapely, hairless legs, always giggling about something and making you feel self-conscious about random personal details like the current gorilla state of your own legs.

Taking a break from my walk of shame, I observed the habits of the natural teenage girl in a different habitat. Edna Greene was applying lipstick. Jana Farber was comparing her tan with Shayla Martin.

Some girl whose name I forgot was showing off her pierced navel. I looked at the other side of the room. Guys leered at the girls, hooting, hollering, and being all hairy and sweaty. Edmund Perry was shirtless. Edmund had hair on his chest. Duke was flexing his muscles. Matt and Terry simply sat there and grinned, in all their nippled glory. The other dudes wore gym T-shirts and were therefore less fascinating. I knelt down next to the bleachers and grabbed my showering stuff from my backpack.

Another interesting tidbit: Sometimes, you can also spot a couple practically going at it under the bleachers. Thankfully, there weren't any that day. Since the last session was just sitting on the floor and listening to Coach bark out stuff that we already knew, this was the first time I had ever seen the girls' locker room. The mustard yellow of the gym was ghastly enough, but the showering room was even worse, with its grayish-brown walls that were clearly white once, probably in the s.

A single light bulb didn't provide sufficient light to get around, and the benches may have been peed on. Who knows? I trudged to a random empty locker and yanked it open, spilling flecks of dried blue paint on the floor, as was usual with these ancient facilities.

The only good thing about being the lamest kid in PE was that you get to have the locker room all to yourself, without boobs and other hairy areas getting in the way. I like my own personal space, thank you very much. I stripped off my shirt and shorts. I wasn't comfortable being all naked in a communal showering location, but I was sweaty as all hell and I think all the eau de gym class rubbed off on me or something.

So against my better judgment, I quickly removed my bra and panties and jumped in the shower. After all, I inwardly reasoned, no one was as impossibly unfit as I am to get to the showers this early, right?

So I turned the 'hot' knob. Man…there isn't really a way for me to narrate my bathing endeavors without it sounding dirty every now and then, but just in case, I inform you in advance that I only refer to those knobs that get the water running. Not much better, but…yeah. At first nothing happened.

Nah, actually, it happened pretty fast. I stumbled backwards, slipped, and landed on the moldy floor, my right leg feeling the drain sucking the water away. For some convoluted reason, the nozzles shut off and I felt pretty exposed.

The locker room didn't have any doors, after all. And bacteria were probably starting a new civilization in my hair, yet I can only stare at the ceiling in stunned silence. Like every victim of a gruesome circumstance, I should be allowed to take a moment to absorb the events and let the initial shock leave to check myself for any injuries other than my pride, of course.

The next thing I knew, I heard feet hitting the cold linoleum. My ear being of close proximity to the ground magnified the sound to a tenfold, and I flinched. Immediately I tried to stand, but like some old cartoon, my foot slipped and I flopped back to the ground pathetically. The only way to get out of this situation was with logic. Plan A: If I try to get up with my legs, I slip back down. I quickly realized that my movement was limited to that of a dying fish, flapping helplessly on the floor.

My torso began to feel cold, and so did my head. Maybe I had acquired hypothermia. Maybe all that drain hair was plaguing my immune system. Maybe I could die in peace. Too close. It sounded like the person was directly above me.

I froze, mid-flap, and wished fervently for death. I waited and waited. Any fucking minute now Okay…two things. One, I was not alone. Two, that voice was clearly male…unless that person had really weird genetics. Not too far-fetched, considering the junk served in this school.

Poor thing probably got mutated. Plan C: I could close my eyes and play dead. If it worked on bears, maybe it worked on teenagers with ambiguous genders. All of a sudden, I was being lifted up by my armpits. My eyes shot open. I couldn't breathe. I could only stare blankly at that green splotch on the wall. The guy was still half-carrying me by my armpits. I guess he probably thought that it would be kind of rude to put me back on the floor and run screaming from the showers.

Maybe he's also having his moment of event absorption and initial shock expulsion. The word expulsion snapped me out of my trance. The last thing I needed was the coach and the principal coming in with the entire student body and maybe even the cops and witnessing this… compromising position, and kicking me and mystery boy out of this school faster than a little kid can drop broccoli on the floor. I shifted, by a fraction of a degree.

The guy's hands were uncomfortably close to-to—damn, the awkwardness of this situation will haunt me till my ninetieth birthday—and its calloused texture and its hugeness made me feel all…weird. Eventually, I managed to squeak out, "Can you help me up? I didn't turn around. I don't mean to be rude, but…why the hell are you in the girls' locker rooms? It's not like I took note of the sign or anything. I would've felt humiliated, but the events of the past five minutes left me kind of numb.

I'm sure the full blow of this situation will hit me like a fire truck when I've dwelled on it long enough, though. My ass of imperfect proportions was fully on display. I hoped that he took the part of a gentleman and turned around. I cautiously peered behind me and let out a relieved sigh. All I can see was his back, along with a mass of curly reddish-brown hair…oh, Lord.

He was naked, too. He must've felt my eyes on him, because he slowly turned his head, too. I found myself looking at the bluest eyes in the entire universe. Yours, too. His eyes were making me feel dizzy. I feel like those pools of liquid blue were trying to take me in and drown me, in its velvety, crystalline waters. With a jolt, I realized that we haven't taken our eyes off each other. That, and that we didn't know each other at all, and we were practically on second base, or whatever being naked and within four inches from each other is called.

Uh, this is the boys' locker room. Guys leered at the girls, hooting, hollering, and being all hairy and sweaty. Yours, too. Login or Sign Up. I walked into the boys shower on a dare.

Nude girls locker room stories

Nude girls locker room stories. Introduction:

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Please log in or register to post comments. I found an extra large locker within which I could crouch. I hoped it was positioned so that I could see the girls preparing to shower. After waiting in the cramped space for an interminable time, perhaps ten minutes, I heard voices.

They had been playing hockey and came in complaining about various shots and the lazy coaching by their PE teacher. I could hear showers being turned on but I could not see much from my hideout.

The Spy Faces Capital Punishment I must have moved the door too much in my attempt to see underwear, because suddenly the chatter dropped to silence. I heard agitated whispers.

Then the door was flung open. I was caught! Two of the Hockey thugs grabbed me and pulled me out into the locker room. He must have got an eyeful! I was still wearing my traditional school uniform with blue blazer and wool pants. Once the clothes were soaked, they pulled them off and threw them in a soggy clump in the corner.

They even pulled down my underpants. I was now naked, still being held under the shower. One girl poured shampoo on my head. I felt soap being run over my backside. Other rough soap rubbed around my limp penis and pubic hair. They cleaned me all over and then threw me a towel. This is our chance to give him a taste of his own medicine. I was squeezed, stroked, pinched and poked. They loved to inspect and poke my anus. I feel a pen being pushed in and then it was pulled out. Some of them stuck theirs hands between my legs to feel my balls.

I was made to lay on the table, with my legs apart and my crotch full exposed. They minutely inspected the tip and foreskin. Each ball was cradled and squeezed, thankfully they were surprisingly gentle. Playing Dolls "He has great hair, it is long, black and bushy. I wonder if it would looked better if it was permed? Somebody found some curlers and created tight curls around my cock.

One girl had a bottle of hair spray. They made me stand on the table and walk about to display my goods. Lets make him a red head" said Julie. They dyed my pubic hair red and again arranged it around my cock. The delighted in squeezing, pulling, pushing my cock as they gave me the 'do'. I had to parade on the table. Rough Treatment "It is a little bit like a volcano with red lava and a tall spire.

Lets see if it can shoot off? Suzy produced a camera with a flash and started taking pictures. Despite the humiliation and rough treatment, I had been very hard for a long time.

The oil was very comforting. She also pushed one hand under me to oil my backside. She was trying to stay out of the way of the camera. She slid her hand smoothly on my cock and squeezed. Then she took both hands to rub my cock. Let us each have a turn! Some were very gentle and caressing. Others were very vigorous. She was quite surprised. She kept stroking as I shot high and the camera flashed. I started to grow again.

They Hide his Manhood "Lets make him really small. See if we can hide it. I had no choice but to submit while every last crotch hair was carefully shaved off. Suzy posed a picture, which was supposed to make me look like a girl.

25 Ridiculous Locker Room Stories You Won't Believe

I love the girls locker rooms. I was waiting for my sister in the YMCA locker room, and this middle aged lady starts to change into her bathing suit in the middle of the room. She takes off her underwear and I see everything below her waist and then she actually turns around, away from everyone else, to take off her bra. When she finally turns around, though, her bathing suit has a deep V cut and reveals serious cleavage. I acted nonchalant, of course, but inside I was doing my happy dance.

The receptionist is new to me, at least. The health club hires numerous students, and their schedules…. View On WordPress. So as I am getting my sexy on in the locker room this old lady is naked, taking her time getting her stuff, bending, twisting all over the place like she gives no shit in the world. I sat on the bench, in front of the mirror, and trying to beautify myself. She walks past naked behind me to the shower. I tried to erase the horrid image from myself and tried to focus to get ready for work.

Then she come back from the shower, gets right in front of the mirror and puts her leg up on the bench I am sitting. Looks at her self at the mirror naked. The starts blow drying her hair naked in front of everyone and not giving a shit. Any takers? Anyway, wtf? What happened to proper gym locker room etiquette? Is this acceptable?

Log in Sign up. Markiplier markiplier memes locker room stories. Today, Reese, Jamie, and I walked into the locker room with our backpacks on backwards like, they were on our stomachs. Guy in gym locker room: Have you lost much? Me: Thanks! I'm not sure if you're right, but thanks. Guy: Ah sure you wouldn't notice it on yourself, but you have yea. Vicky Violet Animated video locker room stories vickyvioletedits.

In the locker room after this morning's workout. Guy 1: Have you got anything in your bag for my hair? Guy 2: For what? Guy 1: My hair. Guy 1: Oh come on man, look at me, it looks ridiculous!

Guy 2: Just get a lad's haircut and stop goin' around like a Me: And that's the creepiest sentence I'll hear all day. Locker room stories - A XaVilla fic. XaVilla, this is my first fic in english so sorry for the mistakes locker room stories. Gym Locker Room Etiqutte.

Nude girls locker room stories

Nude girls locker room stories

Nude girls locker room stories