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Winter is a hard time for fly fishermen. So, to keep out of trouble I use transcendental meditation — aka: fly tying. So now the summer of is in the books. This sure was a wet one! Some summers I pray for rain.

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Payback's a bitch 36 minutes ago, YRBB said:. Seriously, how can you go on without kids in your life? The Lord knew it would have to be the perfect job and opportunity, and He provided it. Posted December 13, This new season also proves that every time I think I have this parenting Knee deep in diapers december archives figured out, life decides to shake it up a little. Welcome to Our Diapefs.

Nonverbal learning disorder in adults. About Julie

My former eyes twinkled. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. I watched in horror, mother swung back the large portrait of the family, Dad and me, as I was, standing, smiling, Mum sat, Susie, as I am now, on her knee. Here I was in my girlfriends arms, but not as her boyfriend as I should have been, but as my little sister Susie. I Knee deep in diapers december archives, look Knee deep in diapers december archives this swimsuit. Growing up, having periods, getting a job, getting pregnant, diapesr married you are Donna hay kids lucky. We want to hear from you! Jessica is 12 months old too, we can put him in with Jessica, she can teach him to behave just like her. That was all gone, in one moment of sheer stupidity I had thrown my freedom and independence away, I was right back at the beginning, I was a baby again, but this time there would be no growing up. Next Next Stories about mothers and sex Reversed World. It was an outfit that everyone agreed made Susie look soooo cute. I shut my eyes tightly forcing the tears to run onto my pillow. Jessica picked up a baby brick, I did the same, whilst watching eiapers former girlfriend grope my former body. I shuddered as her words confirmed my concerns as I imagined myself among my friends, only this time looking up from a stroller whilst being treated like baby.

We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials.

  • One week ago was Christmas Eve.
  • Trying to get the kids to write their own columns threw off the timing.

Friday, December 18, The good, the bad, and the ugly! Would you like to know what drives me crazy? Product review blogs. They drive me nuts! I have poked around a few, and I have received requests from a few moms who ask me to send them free product in exchange for a positive review. When I receive these requests, they always end with a "I know I'll love it!

You already know that, eh? So why exactly do you need to review it then? My problem with this setup is that you very rarely see a negative review, no matter how craptacular a product may be. In October, the Federal Trade Commission FTC established guidelines that will require bloggers to disclose whether or not reviews resulted in compensation money or freebies. I think this is a step in the right direction in terms of allowing consumers to judge how honest a review is. Anyhow, what's my point here?

I'm a retailer, I blog about the stuff I sell, and I'll admit, I do tend to highlight the positives and let's face it, I'm awesome, the store's awesome, we do sell a lot of awesome stuff, so what else would you expect? So here it is. My chance to air out any grievances about the products I sell. I'll give you the good, along with the bad, and especially the ugly! GroBaby diapers. If you've been following along on Facebook , you know it took a little convincing to get me on board for this particular line of diapers.

I'm a hard-core prefold fan. I have used the GroBaby diapers with Grace she was 15 months old when we tried them , and while I had no complaints the fit was great, it didn't leak , I would still recommend prefolds over the GroBaby system for a newborn.

Once a baby is out of the pooping-everyseconds phase, it's a great little diaper. Booroi covers. OK, for Grace, I really, really like this cover, but keep in mind she's a toddler she's 18 months old now, can you even believe it? I think I may have already mentioned that I'm a hard-core prefold fan. At this point, Grace still wears an infant-sized prefold, I fold it in half lengthwise and lie it in a medium Booroi cover.

It's trim, it contains mess well, in fact, come to think of it, whenever Grace wears this cover, rainbows appear and birds sing.

But but! If she was a newborn, with newborn poop runny, explosive newborn poop! This issue can be easily solved by pulling the prefold out of the front part of the gussett, ensuring it lies between the baby and the overlapping snaps. Bravado Original nursing bra.

I just don't love this bra. I hate the racer back style, trying to pull it over your head after you've had a shower, when you're still damp, is like a form of Chinese torture.

Yes, it's relatively inexpensive, but that's about all it's got going for it. If you want a nursing bra that accommodates some degree of change in cup size, try on the seamless Body Silk nursing bra , also made by Bravado, but, like, a million times better!

If you've come into the store when I've been working, this is old news to you. I'm very upfront with customers in terms of what I like, and what's worked well for us. Of course, depending on who you talk to, you'll hear different preferences amongst our staff members, but it's always nice to get honest feedback, other people's opinions can be helpful, right? Yes, I still sell the above-mentioned products, after all, when it comes to cloth diapers, it's a matter of 'different strokes for different folks' and if I really thought something was completely awful, I simply wouldn't sell it!

So this is your opportunity to comment on anything you've purchased at our store that may not have worked for you. What was it? What didn't you like? How old was your baby, do you have a boy or a girl? Did you prefer something else entirely, or were you able to make it work for you as your baby grew? This is a no-holds-barred opportunity for you to share your experience, of course, if you complain about prefolds, you will be dead to me forever I kid, I kid.

There is no reward for commenting here, just the promise of the cathartic release that comes from complaining in general you know what I'm talking about!

Have at it! Saturday, December 12, I'll tell you my laundry routine if you tell me yours! It took a while six months! After replacing my beloved large capacity toploader with a handy-dandy new Samsung HE frontloading machine, my diaper washing routine required a little tweaking. Since my last update in July, I have further tweaked things, eliminating the need for a monthly stripping the diapers, not me! Drum roll, please! The plastic "Simply Orange" juice bottle is well-suited for this purpose, I pour three bottles of water onto the diapers, adding an additional five liters of water to the washing machine.

The pre-rinse in addition to the extra water has worked wonders, I was stripping Grace's diapers with RLR on a monthly basis and that does work really well to remove stink , but not stripping diapers at all is nice. Labels: detergent , laundry , washing diapers. Saturday, December 5, Turn that Venti Latte into university tuition!

It often amazes me when people talk about the 'cost' of cloth diapers. Yes, they have a larger upfront cost, but you simply cannot dispute the fact that cloth diapers will save you money in the longrun. If the upfront cost scares you, a smart way to build your stash would be to buy your diapers piece-by-piece; buying diapers one at a time will lessen the perceived financial blow of investing in cloth diapers.

I am ashamed to admit that I have an affinity for Starbucks coffee, and I know I'm not the only one, based on the fact there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner , in every major city. I bet you're wondering where I'm going with this So, you just found out you're pregnant congratulations!!!

Perhaps you could buy one bumGenius 3. OK, so we've got that part out of the way. Eight months later, you have your baby congratulations, she's beautiful!!! You built your cloth diaper stash using your Starbucks funds oh how I admire your self-control, what's your secret? If you didn't have cloth diapers, you would have to purchase disposable diapers the horror! OK, so now you're just going to let that money sit there and accrue interest for the next 15 years, you can resume your Starbucks habit, you've earned it!

By the time junior turns 18 and she's ready to spread her wings and fly the coop sniff, sniff So there you have it. Do you see how a simple change in your budget can ease the burden of buying cloth diapers? And that, my friends, is how you can turn a Venti Latte into university tuition! Labels: cloth diapers , family finances , frugality. Wednesday, December 2, We stock stocking stuffers!

We stock stocking stuffers! Say that three times fast, eh? December 1st has come and gone, and if there was doubt before, you know we are full-on in the yuletide season now, knee-deep in garland, up to the eyeballs in wishlists, drowning in decorations!

OK, so perhaps a tad dramatic, but you all know that with the warm and fuzzies that come with those first few flakes of snowflakes, there is also a sense of dread at what must be accomplished in the next three weeks.

Fortunately, we never took down our Christmas tree last year, so we are actually quite on top of things. January 1st came and went, we kept putting it off, and before we knew it, embarrasingly late turned into perfectly punctual One of my favourite Christmas-time traditions is putting together our family stockings, it's always fun to discover goodies that I know the kids will enjoy.

So, what are our top 10 stocking stuffers? What would I buy as stocking stuffers if I could shop at my own shop? Jamtown Musical Instruments - made in fair trade, these hand-crafted indigenous instruments are ideal for little hands! The Babies Go collection takes the melody of a classic rock song and mellows it out for junior. Montgomery Mites - these little wooden cars are a hit! Keep them handy where they belong, one clip on the mitt, one clip on junior's coat sleeve Gaia Baby Starter Kit - a nice gift for a mom-to-be, introduce her to the goodness of the Gaia skincare line, this kit includes basic items that will nourish, nurture and gently care for your little one's skin.

As tempting as it is, I don't dare bring anything home from work this year, and as the kids get older, they get harder to buy for! Have you started your shopping yet? Found any goodies you'd like to share? Post them here!

Have any warnings about gifts bought in the past that turned out to be duds? Post your warnings here! Nothings sucks like the letdown of a gift-gone-bad! Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. I'll tell you my laundry routine if you tell me yo Turn that Venti Latte into university tuition!

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Susie noticed the tears welling inside my eyes as she tied a long pink baby ribbon around the bunch of hair that stuck up like a poodles ear. I was swaddled in thick fluffy pink cotton, looking every inch an 18 month old baby. Can you imagine how devastated she would have been if I had made her go back into her baby body? Susie had put my light grey slacks on with my light blue polo shirt. Mother walked in.

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Knee deep in diapers december archives

Knee deep in diapers december archives

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Better Than The Last - Knee-Deep In Munchkin Land

We have chickens running around the backyard, a mountain of dishes in the sink, and on any given morning, I have at least 10 school forms that need my signature or initials. The Loss of Grandpa He came into my life when I was eighteen years old, and only because I was dating his grandson. I never had a grandfather around for the day-to-day moments, and I found a piece of that in Grandpa.

While falling in love with his grandson, I gained a relationship with this beautiful man. It felt like a two-for-one special, and I was the clear winner in this deal.

He was everything my husband aspired to be, and I knew this moment was going to feel like the sucker punch it was.

Grandpa would wipe down a seat, or overturned bucket, and settle me in to keep them company. I lost track of the number of times Grandpa would tell Jon to get rid of it, that he was just wasting time and money on the stupid thing.

A 50 th wedding anniversary for Grandma and Grandpa. A whole evening dedicated to celebrating this amazing couple who weathered so many ups and downs throughout their marriage. I held hands with their grandson, hoping we would someday get to see our 50th anniversary too. I choose to believe he eventually came around. Jon handing Grandpa a small bundle wrapped in pink in our delivery room. Grandpa sitting at the head of the dining room table, Uncle Gary seated to his right and Jon seated at his left.

The table full of family, good food, and love. Grandpa clearing the table and doing dishes, actions speaking loud that this was his contribution to the holidays. Grandpa holding Devyn Paige and giving our three-month-old her first taste of sugar with a small bite of ice cream. It was a battle I never fought again with the rest of my babies, and Grandpa always gave them their first taste of sugar. Four generations of Glover men heading out for a fishing trip.

A hand-off of a beige tackle box between great-grandfather and Hudson, with Hudson's name written in capital letters along the top. The Glover men high on the cabin roof, repairing shingles. Or gathering around large trees on the property, discussing the best way to fell the dead ones. The laughter, the teasing, the affection.

We've had years to get used to the idea of a life without him. During that time, I watched my husband grieve each hospitalization, each illness, and each moment that brought this reality closer. We said our goodbyes, some in private and some with a small audience. I can say with confidence that Grandpa was ready to go, he told me he ran his race and he was tired. So with that in mind, we rejoice in his new body and his reunion with loved ones that have gone before him.

So until we see you again, Grandpa, make sure you save a spot for Jon on the riverbank next to you. Processing through Writing. A lil' Parenting Truth. Ok, my Loves, I have a secret I need to share with you. Your father and I? The ones who tucked you into a baby carrier and brought you home from the hospital, the ones whose names are listed on your birth certificates, you know, the ones who gave you life?

I think that thought first crossed my mind about the time that we stood in the entryway of the hospital with a screaming, newborn Devyn who by the way, obviously HATED her car seat and actually considered the idea of taking our 3-day-old daughter out of the hated contraption and instead hold her in my arms on our drive home. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed in the form of one father-in-law who vetoed said idea and we suffered through her first car ride together.

Do they not know that we have NO idea what we're doing?! Whose bright idea was this again? Your father and I have struggled through decision after decision, all with one goal in mind, to mold you into responsible, loving, and caring human beings. At first the decisions seemed so big and so important. Would we do an all-natural birth, or go the route of drugs? Cloth diapers or disposal? Each decision felt so heavy and weighted, as though these decisions had the ability to make or break our tiny humans.

And for a while there, I can tell you that we ascribed to that mentality and defended each of these decisions with passion and conviction. Our goal is still that you grow into kind, loving, and responsible adults. Outside of that, everything else is a bonus. They can help shape who you become, sure, but can't offer a single guarantee.

So instead your father and I forced to deal with the heart of who you are, as individuals. What one of you struggles with, the others will not.

When it seems that one child is getting the better end of the bargain, rest assured that Dad and I are in fact losing sleep over the heart issues of that child too. There might be things that we see in you that remind us of our own struggles. Here we are, on the precipice of middle school and teenage years. Oh my Loves, you have been our greatest adventure. Then on March 25, , exactly six years later and one job offer later, I completed new employee paperwork.

In early March, in the midst of a social media fast,I randomly checked my FB account. Truth be told, I clicked on the link accidentally. I noticed a message from a former coworker of mine, saying she wanted to run something by me and asked if I could give her a call. What she needed involved a couple of different hats: graphic design, public relations, marketing, and web development. In a nutshell, it was the job of my dreams! Jon and I spent the next three weeks discussing this opportunity.

We sought counsel from family and friends, we prayed about it, we had family meetings, and essentially, everything was coming back in the affirmative. Six years ago, I said that it felt like God was strategically moving around chess pieces so that I could quit my job to stay-at-home with little ones. And before I ever received a FB message, I told Jon that the things that were taking place in our own lives and at his job felt eerily similar to Six years is a long time to be out of the workforce, and truth be told, we had no plans for me to go back to work any time soon.

The Lord knew it would have to be the perfect job and opportunity, and He provided it. Even the details for childcare have fallen seamlessly into place. We feel so fortunate to have family and friends who love my children as much as they do. But please, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during these next few weeks. I asked Hudson the other day if he had any concerns about me returning to work, and his reply left a goofy grin on my face.

Oh, and as long as you have fun too. New Season, New Changes I blinked. Life was going along smoothly, well as smoothly as is possible with four children. School breaks and summers were laidback and restful, no longer a slave to scheduled feedings, naps, or diaper changes.

Because I blinked, and I suddenly find my life and the lives of the Littles in a rapid, fast-forward acceleration. My oldest, my baby, the one who made me a mom, has grown into a full-blown teenager, complete with teenage angst and hormones. We registered her for middle school, had THE talk several times and all to her horror and dismay , she chose the viola for orchestra next year, and has joined a local, competitive swim team.

Ashlynn registered for kindergarten and received an award from her preschool teacher, all in the same week. Oy vey. This new season also proves that every time I think I have this parenting thing figured out, life decides to shake it up a little. Chickens, Oils, and Eggs At some point this past year, my life took a weird turn. Between the hacking, the coughing, the vomiting, and the sharing of germs back-n-forth, I was willing to try anything!

Even Jon, who was a bigger cynic than I, admitted that these essential oils were helping us stay healthy. He was soon raving about the benefits to his coworkers, even bringing samples for a few of the guys. And just this past week, I found two vials of oil stashed in his work truck. At the first sign of a sniffle or fever, I grab the Protective Blend and rub it on the Littles feet.

Even they have gotten in on the oil craze and will ask for an oil before anything else. Then in April, my life took another detour when Jon finally agreed to let us raise chickens in our backyard. I was bit by the bug when friends built their first coop and I realized how fortunate they were to have access to fresh eggs.

But Jon adamantly disagreed, therefore it was a conversation that went back and forth for years. Then out of the blue, Jon started waffling in his stance and soon we had plans for a coop and were stalking baby chicks at local feed stores. The kids were just as excited as we were and each chose their own chick to own and name.

Our very first night of owning the chicks showed that this was not going to be for the faint of heart. Instead Jon came home with a new chick and Ashlynn never knew the difference.

Jon and I laughingly refer to her as Ariel 2. For five months we watched these chickens grow. Jon spent months converting the back part of our shed into a chicken coop. We spent hours on the internet familiarizing ourselves with nesting boxes, roosts, chicken runs, and chicken diseases. We have five laying hens and it has yet to get old running out to the nesting boxes to check for eggs. Two Little Boys Grief is a weird thing.

Knee deep in diapers december archives