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This is a list of Resident Evil characters , which includes playable and recurring characters that were introduced in Resident Evil , a series of survival horror video games. The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company in the Resident Evil universe. Founded in by prominent British royal descendants Oswell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, along with Dr. Their legitimate status is only a front for their secret research of "bio-organic weapons" B.

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Irons also appears in The Darkside Chroniclesthough his role is greatly downplayed to a brief confrontation with Leon and Claire. Kennedy arrives to rescue him. He later learns his missing daughter named Irina is Evik dead and feeling unwell, Evgeny chooses to die in the underground, with Evgeny and Moira revealing their names to each other just before gesident passes. Leon Kennedy: "You got her Hunk resident evil just for that?! Shotgun Shells Standard ammo for the Shotgun.

Vintage piano decodame. How to Unlock The 4th Survivor Mode

If you are 18 years or older resieent are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this Women with low sex drive herbs. In Resident Resideny 3completing the game on Hard Mode gives the player an epilogue file. The file shows him without his mask and implies that his fellow operatives have nicknamed him "Mr. First Aid Spray. He thinks nothing of the comrades that are sacrificed on his assignments and operates with ruthless efficiency. Passive skills. This earned him the nickname "Grim Reaper". Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is a ruthless operative. I am on route to the rendezvous point. Birkin, who had been holding an Hunk resident evil sample of the G-Virus, injects himself with it, mutating into an unstoppable monster. HHunk and one of his fellow USS members managed to corner William Birkin in his lab and tried to Hunk resident evil him to come along with them quietly.

William Birkin on 23 September

  • In response, the company sent in a team of commandos to steal it from him.
  • Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is ruthless.
  • If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page.
  • HUNK is playable in this game but only by means of a cheating device, such as a Gameshark.

Hunk is a mysterious character in the Resident Evil series. He has been a secret unlockable character throughout the multiple entries. His first appearance was in Resident Evil 2 where he was the player character in an unlockable mode called "The 4th survivor", which can only be earned by beating the game with an "A" rank with both Leon and Claire.

He is mentioned again briefly in a single file found in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Though, once again, his portion of the the game needed to be unlocked by first completing everything else in the game. HUNK's sole narrative role was in Resident Evil 2, and he has since been delegated to something of a mascot of the series, recurringly making non-canon minigame appearances and other cameo roles. Hunk was the leader of the U. Due to the team not acquiring all of the samples Birkin still had one in his hand he injected himself with it and transformed into a G-Mutation with incredible powers, but next to no human intellect.

As Birkin attacked the Alpha team he accidentally destroyed vials that contained the T-Virus which led to the outbreak in Raccoon City. Hunk was the only survivor of this team. Although the mission led to disaster, he did complete his objective by successfully bringing back a single sample of the G-Virus. The file was about the successful transportation of a B. W or bio-organic weapon to Rockford Island. This hints that after the Raccoon City incident he was put in charge of safely transporting B.

This is also our earliest known mention of Hunk Also derived from the file were hints at where Hunk was trained, or at least received part of his training, and an insight into his character. In which he is described as a cold individual with little to no emotion.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. History Hunk was the leader of the U. Trivia Before the release of Resident Evil 4, after Code Veronica, there was much fan rumor on the internet that Hunk would be the main character of RE4. A similar such rumor then persisted as to who the mysterious mercenary character was after Resident Evil 6 's announcement trailer.

The character in question was eventually revealed to be an all new character called Jake Muller. Hunk is a playable character in Resident Evil: Outbreak , but can only be accessed by using a cheat. Hunk is nicknamed "Mr. Death" because of his uncanny ability to escape when the rest of his team does not.

In Resident Evil 4, Matilda is available for purchase after completing the game once. Hunk is the closest example of a "Lawful Neutral" character in the Resident Evil universe. Hunk does exactly as he is told and puts the mission before everything else, which could be why he is the only one to survive each one. Tweet Remove Format Clean. Cancel Update. What size image should we insert? This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text?

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Passive skills slots. This earned him the nickname "Grim Reaper". This marks the second time HUNK's face is ever shown, although not on-screen the first time was in his epilogue file for Resident Evil 3. You'll coming along with us quietly. Birkin, who had been holding an additional sample of the G-Virus, injects himself with it, mutating into an unstoppable monster. Support Personnel. Only Ada is weaker, with 6.

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil.

HUNK is completely cold and determined, focusing completely on accomplishing his mission, despite the consequences. He thinks nothing of the comrades that are sacrificed on his assignments and operates with ruthless efficiency.

HUNK views his missions as part of a war, so losses are necessary, and says that the reason he has never failed a mission is because he always follows the principle that the objective takes priority over everything else. HUNK is an extremely capable soldier, skilled with a number of weapons and able to deliver solid melee attacks.

He also has a few blade weapons hidden on his person. Umbrella Corporation Oswell E. Veltro Jack Norman. Morgan Lansdale Jessica Sherawat. The Family Derek Clifford Simmons. Alexander Isaacs. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. HUNK with the G-virus sample, calling in his evac. Categories :.

I am all that is left of Alpha Team. I am on route to the rendezvous point. Holding to that principle is why I have never failed a mission. Birkin injected himself with the G-virus. HUNK berated his subordinate for the action, but some members reasoned his actions to be justified, as Birkin tried to resist. He collected the entire case and left the lab with samples of the G-virus, as well as the t-Virus , which were also present in Birkin's case.

With their main objective complete, the team headed through the tram into the sewer to reach their extraction point. While en route, they were confronted by Birkin, who had injected himself with a sample of the G-virus shortly after being shot. Birkin, now a horrifically mutated monstrosity named "G", pursued Alpha Team and exacted revenge.

During the fight, the case was spilled. Sewer rats became infected by the t-Virus spill and spread the virus throughout the city via the sewer network, which spread into the water supply. Unmoved by his comrades' demise, he focused his efforts only on returning a surviving sample to his superiors. The mission was controversial in that Alfred Ashford , the island base's commander, refused to detail exactly what was inside the crate. This, to HUNK, posed a clear safety and security hazard as his unit would have been unprepared to handle what potentially was inside.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Prime universe Capcom's primary storyline. Contents [ show ].

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This is a list of Resident Evil characters , which includes playable and recurring characters that were introduced in Resident Evil , a series of survival horror video games. The Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company in the Resident Evil universe. Founded in by prominent British royal descendants Oswell E. Spencer and Edward Ashford, along with Dr. Their legitimate status is only a front for their secret research of "bio-organic weapons" B.

Umbrella established multiple secret research facilities to help develop various bio-weapons. Following the destruction of Raccoon City, all of Umbrella's assets were frozen by the U.

Government and its trading rights were revoked, effectively terminating its operations. However, it did not stop the rise of several bioterrorist organizations around the world, some of them making use of its research, leading to the foundation of B. In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard , it is revealed that Umbrella has been reinstated and seemingly reformed as a mercenary group.

Oswell E. In the series, he is the owner and co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical drug company that secretly manufactures bio-organic weapons. He hires George Trevor, a famous architect, to construct a mansion to conceal the facility. Ultimately, Wesker betrays Spencer by handing over secret documents to the U. Umbrella's business license is summarily suspended, and the U. He is eventually located by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine prior to the events of Resident Evil 5 , but is swiftly killed by Wesker before the two can reach him.

His first name is written as Oswell in the original version, but misspelled as "Ozwell" in the English version. The corporation also uses its top-secret special forces group to secure and protect its assets and high-profile employees. He joined the force and was assigned to Delta Platoon, Company A serving alongside Nicholai Ginovaef and Mikhail Victor , which was in charge of heavy firearms and weapons maintenance.

At one point Jill becomes infected by the T-virus after a battle with The Nemesis. At this point Carlos becomes playable so that the player can prepare a vaccine for Jill. Ultimately he is successful in escaping the city along with Jill. He reprises his role in The Umbrella Chronicles , where the events of Resident Evil 3 are revisited in the "Raccoon's Destruction" scenario, in which Carlos is a playable character alongside Jill Valentine.

In the live action films his name is spelled Olivera , indicating a character background change from Brazil Portuguese, "Oliveira" to a Hispanic country Spanish, "Olivera". In the second film he is briefly infected with the T-virus, but Alice is able to find a sample of the antivirus in time to cure him.

In the third film, he and Alice parted company five years ago when Alice sought to protect her allies from the Umbrella satellites tracking her, but they meet again when he is travelling with a convoy led by Claire Redfield. When Carlos is bitten during an attempt to capture Alice, he volunteers to mount a suicide run on the umbrella complex tracking Alice after it takes a series of prisoners from the convoy, reasoning that there is no time to get a sample of the antivirus before the infection becomes permanent, taking a fuel tanker into the mass of zombies surrounding the base and then setting off a series of bombs, taking out a sizeable number of zombies and breaching the complex defenses.

According to his backstory, Mikhail is from Saint Petersburg , Russia, and had originally served in the army before joining a rebel group. Mikhail was eventually arrested by Russian government forces and convicted for acts of terrorism. He was then coerced into leading the UBCS in exchange for his men's freedom.

In an early draft of the story, Mikhail was originally scripted to be Nicholai's older brother, hence their common nationality and close ages his original name was Mikhail Ginovaef. Nikolai meets Jill as one of the few surviving operatives from the Delta platoon, along with Carlos and Mikhail.

He disappears after an event in the first half of the game and is presumed dead until another encounter with him. Nikolai is in fact one of the Supervisors UBCS operatives assigned to watch and gather combat data as their comrades fight against Umbrella's bio-weapons. Nicholai's fate varies depending on which route the player takes. In one scene, he is slaughtered by the Nemesis and his corpse is left hanging in an air duct. Another possible outcome shows Nicholai stealing Jill's intended escape helicopter.

At this point, the player has the option of attempting to negotiate with him, in which he escapes from the city successfully, or choose to fight back against Nikolai, destroying the helicopter along with him. The English localization of Resident Evil Survivor features a document supposedly authored by Nicholai after the events of Nemesis. The file is different in the original Japanese version and the Chinese localization of the PC port.

The third entry of the document the portion dated after the events of Nemesis was actually authored by the "Umbrella B. Development Staff", rather than Nikolai. Nicholai's role in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was stopping Wolfpack from completing their mission objective. In the film's novelization, he was renamed Nicholai Sokolov. Nicholai is ultimately torn to shreds by zombie dogs while holding them off so Alice and Jill can escape.

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, he approached the Umbrella Corporation and quickly became one of the company's top officers. He became personally acquainted with Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E.

Spencer, who began to rely on Sergei as a loyal and effective enforcer. Agents that answered directly to Sergei included the likes of Nicholai Ginovaef. USS Alpha team attempted to steal a sample of the G-virus, causing the citywide outbreak in the game. Delta team appeared in the prequel Resident Evil Zero, in which the team was sent in to blow up the Ecliptic Express after the trouble occurred, but was overwhelmed by the leeches and wiped out.

Delta team was under the direct command of Wesker and Birkin. Little is known about him as a person, but he does not survive long enough to get out of Raccoon City. He has to contend with zombies covered in armour.

His story is told in a chapter, referred to as "Forgotten Soldier". Death" for being the sole survivor of several operations. This short scenario entails HUNK's journey to escape Raccoon City, beginning with his awakening in the sewers and eventually leading to his extraction from the city. He is the only member of his unit to survive the attack of the mutated William Birkin that takes place shortly after he secured a sample of the G-virus for Umbrella.

The Umbrella Corps are a newly formed Mercenary group working on a newly reformed Umbrella Corporation, whose objective is to carry out extraction missions requested from several pharmaceutical companies. Along with her twin brother, Alfred, she is the product of an experiment by her father, the Umbrella's chief senior virologist researcher, Alexander the son of the corporation's deceased co-founder Edward Ashford; he was later himself turned by Alexia into an undead monster called Nosferatu.

The genetic material of her ancestor Veronica Ashford was inserted into an embryo and implanted in a surrogate mother in an attempt to reproduce Veronica's legendary intelligence and beauty.

Having successfully inherited these traits, Alexia sought to become an unstoppable world dictator by injecting herself with the T-Veronica Virus and freezing herself for several years in order to retain her own personality and allow her body to control the virus, rather than vice versa. She awakes during the events of Code Veronica , after her brother Alfred dies. In revenge for this, she sends one of her tentacle monsters to capture Claire and Steve, experimenting on the latter and turning him into a large monster.

She is confronted by Albert Wesker towards the end of the game and mutates into her first form. The two battle each other and she drives him off, but is then defeated by Chris. She revives and appears at the very end of the game as the last boss, mutating into another 2 forms before Chris kills her for good with the Linear Launcher.

Years before the events of the first Resident Evil , he was one of the top virologist researchers of the Umbrella Corporation and a head of its personnel training facility, personally appointed by Ozwell E.

Spencer to work with the Mother virus. In this capacity, Marcus played an integral role in developing the T-virus and the Tyrant and Nemesis programs, also conducting extensive research on leeches that led to the development of the G-virus, up until his sudden disappearance in He also appears in The Umbrella Chronicles.

After completing his G-virus project, he is mortally wounded by agents of the Umbrella Special Forces and his work is stolen. Left for dead, he injects himself with the G-virus, thus turning himself into a monster known as "G". He then kills his attackers, causing a T-virus vial to be leaked into the city's drainage system, resulting in the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City.

During the course of the game, he encounters the main characters, Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, as he undergoes gradual mutation and begins losing any resemblance of his original human form. He is eventually defeated by Claire and Leon, with the help of his daughter Sherry. Birkin is mentioned in Wesker's Report as the scientist who helped Wesker fake his death and is retroactively mentioned in the GameCube remake of the first Resident Evil.

He also makes an appearance in Resident Evil Zero , where he assists Wesker from behind the scenes, and also appears in a cutscene in The Umbrella Chronicles along with Albert Wesker. In the first Resident Evil film, Birkin makes an uncredited cameo appearance as the head of the Nemesis project, who was also the film's narrator.

According to an audio commentary by Paul W. Anderson , Isaacs was planned to reprise this role in the sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse , but left the project for undisclosed reasons, so an original character named Dr. Alexander Isaacs played by Iain Glen was created to fulfill Birkin's role in the sequel. O'Brian, and eight others after the fall of Umbrella, with the aim of combating the increasing numbers of B. She survives the ordeal, and is given a sample of the T-Abyss virus by Raymond Vester.

Parker was originally a member of the FBC tasked with helping out during the Veltro terrorist attack of Terragrigia. However he and his partner Jessica Sherawat barely managed to make it out alive and fled into the FBC building. During their trip to the Command Room, they met and saved the new cadet, Raymond Vester.

He and Parker then bonded. At the command room, they met Morgan Lansdale, who was collaborating with Jack Norman, and in the midst of betraying him. After that, the group escaped the city.

They realized that the entire crew of the Queen Zenobia had been turned into monstrous bio organic weapons named Ooze and are forced to fight for their lives. On the ship's bridge, they are surprised to meet none other than Vester who claims to be there by orders of the FBC. After Jessica is revealed to be a traitor, she sets the Queen Zenobia to self-destruct.

Parker was later seen dangling above end then falling into a series of explosions after the floor he was standing on collapsed. It is ultimately revealed that Raymond Vester saved Parker from the explosion.

Parker was then found adrift off the shore of the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. On one of their missions, Carla Radames infects their comrades with the C-virus and turns them into mutants. Chris is knocked unconscious in the ensuing battle but is rescued by Piers.

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil

Hunk resident evil