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Husband and wife used in St Martin part 2 This is the completion of the story that began on a nude beach in St Martin, when my wife and I were vacationing at a clothing optional resort there. After my friends had left I tidied up the lounge and washed, dried up and put away the glasses. I wanted everything to look as normal as possible following the extraordinary events of the night before. It was nearly This is a print version of story Young drunk wife used by sanpeesua from xHamster.

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

Rebecca's Religious Conversion Wife discovers even Christians can enjoy sex. Posted Tue 19th Young wife stories January Report. He started dictating and got up to walk around the desk. Now she once again tried to push the heavy muscular body from her, trying to get her hands between them so she could push Young wife stories off. He was up Youn 20 seconds tapping on the door. Al sighed in total disgust as he would be working for free on this Shemale sex twins sale. Then it stopped, the limp cock withdrew, then cool thighs and another hard cock.

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The thing is Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. I felt cheated. I'd been to Scott's construction site a few times. She looked stunningly beautiful. She is a college lecturer, very boyish wige Young wife stories, slightly dark skin … Continue reading Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss. This is a very good story. The Suspect Wife She's cheating on me and laughing "catch me if you can. Went for a boat ride with my buddy and his wife and a fuck fest Cheap penis enlwrgement surgery Submit Young wife stories report. A Parking Lot Surprise My wife accidentally puts on a breastfeeding show to 2 jocks. A Sex Stories Wife stories. My Nympho Wife.

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Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. He was thirty-two and the local copier salesman. Back then they used to supply paper as well so he called every two or three weeks.

He was great to look a My wife farmed me out to an old friend - My wife Tina and I are a fit married couple in our thirties.

So, she turns me away on a regular basis because she does not want it eve Wife's third and fourth debt repayments - It seems ages since I submitted my last story, but we have been very busy of late.

Kelly and I have our own business, and it takes us into Europe fairly regularly. We are just back from a spell in Ber Wife's second debt repayment - It was a real thrill to get back from our holiday and find our story in the 'lushstories' list, posted on April 7, and titled 'Our First Unplanned Group Sex'. Since then we have enjoyed many planned m Fucking a Pregnant Wife - My parents and I lived in a college town in the s.

Dad worked in a local manufacturing plant, and mom stayed home. When I was 16 years old a new family moved into the neighborhood right after Chri Our first, unplanned, group sex - Kelly and I met at university, and married shortly after graduating.

We thought we would travel a bit before settling down, and worked around Europe in various jobs. After nearly three years we found

My Anal Wife and Girlfriends. Wife takes black for first time Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers He also has two small dogs I do not know the breed and we let our dogs play together. My Foe and my wife. Beth was my classmate.

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

Young wife stories

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Erotic Stories Loving Wives F. Previous Next Page: 63 64 65 66 67 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Go. Stories Poems Story Series. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Username: Password: Forgot your password? Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation.

I trusted her, and she trusted me. I turned on the laptop and saw the four split-screens. In one of them, Scott was bent over his desk apparently working. Each of the four screens gave me a different angle of the office. Fifteen minutes later, he stood to greet my wife as she entered. Good of you to come on a weekend and such short notice," Scott's deep voice resonated strongly over the quality speakers I'd installed in his office the week prior. I'd been to Scott's construction site a few times.

He'd told me with a wink, he slept when he worked late, or sometimes "entertained. After a little small talk he led her to a drafting table and they looked over some drawings. Subtly, I watched as Scott moved directly behind Joy, pointing to various things of interest on the chart. He placed one hand on her shoulders, leaning forward and apparently said something witty, for she laughed. I saw her suddenly stiffen as the front of his pants touched her butt, both hands snaking around her to grasp her breasts.

As part of our agreement, I'd confided in Scott some of Joy's hot buttons. If I wanted to fool around and she was cool to the idea, I'd pinch her tits for a few minutes and she'd start squirming.

Once I got my mouth on one, she was mine. Although her protests grew stronger, he didn't speak one word the entire time. Finally, he just picked her up, carried her to the mattress and dumped her. In one swift movement, he was laying between her knees, pinning both her small hands behind her back in one of his large ones, and went right back to kneading her nipples again.

My laptop showed clear shots from all four screens, each from a different angle. This wasn't part of the plan. He wasn't supposed to force her do anything. Then I remembered Scott's carefully chosen words. He'd said he wouldn't force her to have sex - not that he wouldn't force the issue right up to the point of having sex though. I was nearly a mile away feeling uncertain now. I looked on, also feeling helpless.

Scott smirked as he pulled a dress strap off her shoulder, baring one perky breast. Go ahead," he said. For a long time Scott didn't even reply as he licked, sucked and nibbled her nipple. He finally did stop, but only long enough to pull the other strap down and attack her other breast. He paid that nipple homage for about as long as he had the first one, and at some point during that time Joy grew silent. I saw she had her eyes clinched tightly, a strained look on her face.

She lay motionless, breathing through her mouth. After a long time, Scott slid his head down her body, lifting her dress with his free hand.

I heard her breathe a soft "No," as his face settled between her thighs. On number three camera I watched as he pulled her black panties aside, exposing a neatly trimmed vagina.

His tongue flicked out and touched her clit, drawing another soft protest. My chest felt as if it were about to explode! My cock was as hard as it'd ever been, as I gripped it through my pants. My inexplicable excitement surprised me.

I'd watched a few porn movies of course, but watching Scott's tongue licking my wife's pussy, was that times ten! He took the same deliberate approach to licking her cunt as he had done with her breasts, agonizingly slow, designed purposely to push her buttons. After a few minutes I saw the first signs he was finally getting to her, as her thigh muscles visibly tightened and her pretty painted toes began to move. I knew from past experience that the toes were a sign she was aroused. I watched as he pulled on one of her vagina lips with his mouth, savoring it, and then releasing it to do the other one.

Whether it was from his saliva or her own secretions, she looked extremely wet! The small clit I'd seen when he first started, was now puffy and protruding, her pussy lips engorged. Scott knew what he was doing all right. After less than a minute her thighs noticeably tightened around his head and her toes were wiggling frantically.

Scott released her hands, pulling her ass tight against his face, lathing her entire crotch from anus to clit with his large tongue. I watched in disbelief as Joy's hands slid around Scott's head, wrapping her fingers in his long hair and pulling his face even tighter against her vagina as she arched her body up to meet his tongue.

All resistance seemed gone, as she whimpered with growing need, making the little sounds I'd heard so often, and loved. Only now, she was making them for someone else! Another man! I realized I held my hard cock in my hand, not even remembering when I'd released it from its confines.

This was sick! What the fuck was I doing? Watching my wife literally being raped before my eyes and jerking off! Joy cried out sharply, causing me to look back at the laptop. I'd seen Scott in the gym shower numerous times, and yes he was much bigger and thicker than me. I asked Joy once if women really liked bigger penises, and she told me that was a myth. She said as far as she was concerned, mine was a great size. Of course, mine was the only one she'd ever experienced.

Scott quickly swung his large frame around to lie on top of her, his cock and balls now swinging directly over her clinched eyes. Holding her knees apart with his elbows, he went back to enthusiastically licking her pussy from top to bottom, pausing to rim her puckered little anus.

I watched Joy's strained face as she struggled with her feelings, and as she finally opened her eyes to see what dangled before her.

If it hadn't been so erotic, it'd have been funny! I heard an audible gasp escape from her mouth as Scott slowly lowered his groin downward, the spongy head barely touching her lips.

After what seemed like a long time, her pink tongue finally darted out, disappeared again, and then returned to lick the head. I stopped touching myself, just watching as her cheeks hollowed, my innocent wife sucking a stranger's cock. Joy had performed oral on me often, but never to completion. I'd always marveled at how beautiful she looked while doing it. We also did sixty-nines, but it wasn't one of her favorite positions because she knew I had trouble controlling my orgasm when we were in that position.

It was apparent that Scott was a master at what he was doing. It was the old stick and carrot routine. He held her that way, totally defenseless, ruthlessly fucking her face as she gagged and slobbered on his thick meat.

Her toes were moving a mile a minute, her grunts and moans growing noticeably louder. I could see she was going over the edge soon and my cock throbbed with urgency, urging me to touch it. If I did, I knew I would go off. So I waited. I saw Scott's ass cheeks suddenly clinching, his balls tightening and I knew he was already there - pumping load after load down my pretty wife's working throat as she clutched his ass, pulling him deeper.

Then she was sobbing her own orgasm around his pumping cock, whimpering, squealing and thrashing like a wild woman. Joy continued to tremble and shudder long after her orgasm ended, fully enjoying each little after-thrill, still holding Scott's cock inside her mouth as though reluctant to release it. Finally, he pulled out and slid around to face her. He lay on top of her, licking her half-open lips, kissing her unresisting mouth. Joy lay as though comatose, panting and dazed by her own unwilling response.

I cleaned myself up with the box of tissues nearby, drained but still guiltily watching. After a while, Scott went back to sucking her tits again, and for the first time I noticed her panties were on the mattress beside her. Scott's thick cock was positioned against her glistening opening, not moving. Joy wasn't struggling now, her thighs slightly gripping him, her hands against his back, eyes staring up at him with expectation.

She looked hungry, wild and hotter than I'd ever seen her. She seemed to be just waiting now. I watched as she closed her eyes again, taking short breaths through a half-open mouth. Her tongue licked her lips. Time froze as we all waited. One might ask why I didn't race over there with a baseball bat and stop him. It's complicated. First, I'd have to explain to Joy that I'd been the one who'd orchestrated the whole thing, putting her through this.

My explosive climax had left me weak. As though hypnotized, I watched the big head of Scott's cock push her sloppy cunt lips apart, disappearing inside as her body arched upward to meet it, her pretty painted toenails starting up again.

Scott's face was concentrating intently on what he was doing, his ass muscles bunching as he pushed harder. Joy grunted as though in pain, placing her hands against his chest in an attempt to control his entry.

Scoot ignored her efforts, pushing deeper. It took a couple minutes but eventually he was completely inside her, his balls dangling against her anus. Then he started slowly fucking her as she made little mewing noises, the toes wiggling wildly. He did it with long, maddeningly slow strokes, resting on his hands and watching her facial expression intently as though observing her internal struggles with her desire.

They both knew there could be only one outcome and that she'd lose her fight in the end. This went on for a full ten minutes, until her slender body was trembling and quaking with her need.

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Husband and wife used in St Martin part 2 This is the completion of the story that began on a nude beach in St Martin, when my wife and I were vacationing at a clothing optional resort there. After my friends had left I tidied up the lounge and washed, dried up and put away the glasses.

I wanted everything to look as normal as possible following the extraordinary events of the night before. It was nearly This is a print version of story Young drunk wife used by sanpeesua from xHamster. Young drunk wife used We had only been married a short while when a colleague at work, Tom, invited me and my young bride to a party.

In spite of the fact that we didn't know many people there, we both had a wonderful evening. Beth was the Belle of the ball; she was in great demand for dances. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was wearing a mini skirt, it had a slight flare that when she was spun around, it would rise up showing of her tiny red thong. Which of course meant her bare bottom was on display when this happened.

I felt very proud that she was the centre of so much attention and she was obviously revelling in it. She had been drinking quite a bit, that and all the exertion from the dancing had really tired her out. So well before the party ended, she was asleep on the couch.

I had carried on having a good time, chatting and making new friends and doing a bit of flirting. Eventually everyone was gone except for us, the host and a friend of his, Jeff. I was slumped in one armchair and Jeff took the other one. Tom looked around and seeing nowhere else to sit, he lifted Beth's legs and sat on the couch with her, resting her feet across his lap.

I said 'It's getting late; I better get Beth home to bed. Beth looks quite comfy, I can throw a blanket over her and if you're OK in that armchair..? Yes I'll be fine here thanks. My eyes were getting heavy and I could feel myself nodding off. Tom had been absentmindedly rubbing Beth's feet and I hadn't paid it much attention but as my eyes flicked open, I was slightly startled to see that now his hand was rubbing her ankle and wandering onto her leg.

Well it was the fact that my dick had suddenly gotten hard that made me notice. Even in my semi drunk state, my subconscious had noticed that this could be turning into a sexual situation long before I had consciously realised it. I thought I would feign sleep and see what would develop.

Had I been fully sober, I would have put a stop to it right away but as it was, it seemed just playful and very exciting. We had never been unfaithful to one another, nor had we had any swinging type things. We had only been married a couple of months and we were both still fully enamoured of each other.

I pulled a cushion onto my lap; making out it was uncomfortable behind me. The real reason was to hide my aching cock as the swelling in my pants was getting obvious. Also it allowed me to slide my hand under the cushion so I could play with myself. With my head back, I could watch what was going on by just opening my eyes ever so slightly. That was the reason I invited him, so we could hopefully get a chance at his lovely young bride, isn't she a sweet little thing,' 'She sure is, and playful.

I was groping her whilst we were dancing. I needed her to stay long enough to get them drunk. Jeff went over to them and knelt down. His body was slightly obscuring my view but from his movements I could only assume he was opening Beth's blouse. They were well worth waiting for. I know seeing them gets me hard and I see them every night. Seeing such beauty for the first time is really breathtaking.

I could see his hand go to her panties. He pulled the cloth together so a thin strip went in between he lovely shaved pussy lips. Fucking hell! Look at that! By this time, Jeff had bent forward and was sucking on Beth's little nipples. Tom got up off the couch and removed all his clothes.

His cock was sticking straight out and it looked really big. He climbed onto the couch and raised Beth's legs up onto his shoulders as he lent forward and inserted his cock into my lovely bride.

Watching this was a fantastic turn on. My cock was aching it was that hard. Jeff knelt up to get out of Tom's way, so he could lie across Beth and suck on her small tits as he was fucking her. Not to be outdone, Jeff took out his cock and was rubbing it across Beth's mouth and face. Just then Tom groaned as she started to cum inside my sweet young bride, filling her pussy with his cum. He just flopped down exhausted on top of Beth but Jeff just pulled him off her and took his place between her lovely thighs.

Jeff took his time, savouring the loveliness of such a sweet young girl. It didn't take him long to actually get her to come to an orgasm. It was quite a powerful one, evident by the loudness of her moans. Just then he stared to cum inside her pussy. Tom clamped his hand across her mouth.

By now I was wanking away openly. As Jeff was getting off Beth, he noticed me watching them. I got between her legs and as I put my cock into her well used pussy, it was the strangest feeling, like nothing I have ever felt before. It felt so 'delicious' is the only word I can think of to describe it. I have let Tom and Jeff fuck her many times since, and they have also brought along other guys to have a turn using her but it has always been whilst she has been drunk after a party at Toms or Jeff's house.

Subscribe Published by sanpeesua. Group Sex Hardcore Voyeur. Leave a comment Comments Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Innocent wife pt 3 Group Sex After my friends had left I tidied up the lounge and washed, dried up and put away the glasses. Show all. The User is Drunk is Using xHamster 83, Drunk wife sucking my dick and getting fucked. Drunk wife tells husband about other men , Russian homemade with drunk wife , Credit agent has a crush on his young client and uses 9, Credit agent has a crush on his young client and uses 6, Credit agent has a crush on his young client and use 25, Young blonde girl uses a pink dildo 18, Young drunk wife.

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Young wife stories

Young wife stories