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Nude younf firl

Nude younf firl

Here are the screenshots:. Politics N. Already registered? Rugby League. In short order, students would be handcuffed and humiliated, parents mortified and lessons learned at a harsh cost. Malicious distribution.

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Poll finds 51 per cent of to year-olds surveyed agreed it is normal to send nude photos or videos to someone.

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By now, you've probably heard of the notorious, secret female-only Australian Facebook group Bad Girls Advice BGA , a place where "women can be themselves. They trolled a Sydney man last year for offending one of their own. Since then, membership has quadrupled to over , But what members haven't been told is that late last year administrators of the page shared nude pics with a rival blokes-only group as a kind of "peace offering" to keep the men away.

The two groups often clash online. According to a leaked BGA admin conversation, the photos - originally posted by women for women in a 'body positive' thread - were sent to the men to the men after a dispute. BGA members are encouraged to share 'body positive' photos and experiences and 'celebrate' their sexuality in a safe female-only space.

The admin provided the name of a BGA member who then told Hack she was one of the girls in the photos and she gave consent. But not fast enough. Samantha sent copies of these screenshots to the administrators and demanded an explanation. She said they blocked any further messages.

She then writes: "So I wanna get a titty thread happening to give them tits as well, as a thank you for being our partners. The B. BA later deleted these photos, but other nude BGA screenshots are still on the men's page.

Samantha said she was shocked by the hypocrisy of the admins, who set and enforced the strict rules around group secrecy. The news comes as a major study found 11 per cent of Australians aged have had their nude or sexual images distributed without consent.

BGA is the largest female-only Australian Facebook group. It promotes itself as a place where "women can be themselves. A lot of members of BGA and BA are from Queensland and some wear custom hoodies, singlets and tees sold by each group. A 'Blokes and Bitches Unite' group of members from either page has 25, members, and also sells custom hoodies.

Hack reported last year on a Sydney man who was harassed online by dozens of members of the group. The same has happened to girls by BA members. Facebook shut down the original Blokes Advice page in August for glorifying rape and violence against women. The replacement B. The BGA page serves up a steady stream of dick pics, screenshots of bad pickup lines and teenage DTF messages on tinder, dark stories about abusive relationships, horror tales of random hookups gone wrong, and call-outs for 'body positive' photos.

BGA and BA like to present themselves as rival forces, men versus women, but they're also allies against a larger existential threat: being shut down by Facebook. We don't harass anyone we just want to be left alone. Sorry if it's ya misso but can't dog the boys. Another BA member wrote on the page: "BGA girls complain about Blokes Advice but post all them topless photos because they know without a doubt they will be posted here. They actually don't love it, according to the BGA Admin.

The names of the women in the photos had not been scrubbed out. The post had been up for over 13 hours. Ash Smith, an admin for Blokes Advice, confirmed there was a pact with BGA to stop members of either page posting the personal details of strangers. The BGA screenshot posted on B. The names were not scrubbed in the original post. But he said enforcing the policy was hard, given the amount of traffic on the page.

It had 17 volunteer moderators who handle up to posts per day and hundreds of thousands of comments within the posts. Every spare moment on and off. I must see upwards of , replies every day. In October last year, when the group had about 40, members, it had blocked members. Ash said the moderators have cracked down since then, and the page has been reformed. Hack talks about the stuff that matters to young Australians. Hack on iTunes.

Menu showing mobile menu. Nude pics pact: Bad Girls Advice makes 'peace offering' to rival blokes page. Posted Tue 9 May , pm.

Updated Thu 18 May , pm. Members are kicked out for telling outsiders what happens in the group. Here are the screenshots:. A screenshot of a private conversation between BGA page admins. Rules of the BGA Facebook page. About Hack Hack talks about the stuff that matters to young Australians. Listen Back.

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Nude younf firl

Nude younf firl

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Nude younf firl